Gemini inks exclusive deal with Real Bedford FC

As an experienced financial analyst, I see this innovative partnership between Real Bedford FC and Gemini as a bold move that could potentially revolutionize the way football clubs manage their finances. The integration of Bitcoin into the club’s operations is not only a smart investment but also a forward-thinking approach to protecting against inflation and increasing returns.

In the arrangement, Peter McCormack and the Winklevoss twins’ club is set to obtain Bitcoin payouts.

As a cryptocurrency analyst, I’m excited to share that Gemini, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, recently disclosed a five-year sponsorship agreement with Real Bedford, a football team based in Bedford, England. In this arrangement, the entire compensation will be remunerated in Bitcoin (BTC) and subsequently deposited into Real Bedford’s Bitcoin savings account.

The club has taken a daring step by incorporating cryptocurrencies into its financial system. This innovation enables players to receive digital currency compensation, and for fans, the alternatives of purchasing tickets and souvenirs with Bitcoin have been introduced.

As a proud crypto investor and the proud owner of this esteemed club, I am thrilled to share that integrating Bitcoin into our treasury has yielded an impressive +62% return. This strategic move not only bolsters our financial position but also safeguards our cost base against the current surge in inflation.

The upcoming Bitcoin transaction serves as prepayment and supports Real Bedford’s aspirations of advancing to the Premier League, while bolstering opportunities for youth development in the community.

Real Bedford FC and crypto 

This past April, the Winklevoss brothers, who founded Gemini, made investments in Real Bedford Football Club.

The Winklevoss brothers, using their investment firm Winklevoss Capital, contributed approximately $4.5 million in Bitcoin to the acquisition of the football club. With this deal, they gained co-ownership of the team, joining McCormack who had purchased Real Bedford in 2022.

The Winklevoss twins have recently contributed $2 million worth of Bitcoin to help fund Donald Trump’s presidential bid for 2024, while voicing their disapproval towards the Biden administration’s management of cryptocurrency legislation.

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2024-07-01 17:26