GoPlus Gains $10M Funding for Advanced Web3 Security

As a seasoned crypto investor with a keen interest in Web3 cybersecurity, I can’t help but be impressed by GoPlus Security’s recent achievements. The successful completion of their Private III financing round, securing $10 million from reputable investors like OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, and Redpoint China, is a significant milestone that bodes well for the future of this trailblazing company.

As a researcher studying the latest developments in Web3 cybersecurity, I’m excited to share that GoPlus Security recently accomplished the successful finish of its Private III funding round, raking in an impressive $10 million investment. This financial boost is a substantial stride towards our ambitious goal: constructing a robust and adaptable user security infrastructure tailored for the rapidly expanding Web3 realm.

In the most recent funding round, GoPlus secured investments from prominent venture capitalists such as OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, and Redpoint China, among others. This investment comes after their successful previous rounds in 2023, which raised a total of $25 million with participation from industry leaders like Binance Labs and Redpoint China.

GoPlus Network strongly advocates for a transparent, inclusive, and individual-focused perspective on cybersecurity within the decentralized web (Web3). Through their versatile platform, they effortlessly connect with any blockchain infrastructure, enabling creators of crypto networks to enhance user protection and safeguard against potential risks.

Mike Lee, the innovative founder of GoPlus, clarifies, “GoPlus Network is a flexible security solution for Web3. It can effortlessly connect with any public blockchain, ensuring thorough protection during the entirety of a user’s transaction process. GoPlus establishes an inclusive, decentralized network prioritizing user safety, along with advanced artificial intelligence technology to evaluate risks extensively, offering smart and streamlined security solutions for users.”

Mike mentioned that the Token security detection API, which is integrated with numerous prominent dApps in Web3, experiences approximately 21 million daily calls. The personal security platform SecWareX, launched only two months ago, has amassed almost 9 million registered wallet addresses and around 1.8 million distinct IP users.

In the initial three months following SecWareX’s debut, more than 10 million digital wallets and 3 million individuals showed immense interest, joining the platform. Such a large influx of users highlights the confidence and strong connection they have with GoPlus’s solutions.

Moving forward, GoPlus intends to promote engagement and distributed governance via its token system. The GoPlus token holds significance not just as a security deposit for transaction fees, but also as an encouragement for developers and community members to invest time and resources in expanding and fortifying the network.

With this significant investment, GoPlus is well-positioned to enhance its Modular User Security Layer, making it compatible with various blockchain networks and forming alliances with RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) solutions such as Altlayer. As the Web3 environment undergoes continuous transformation, GoPlus emerges as a reliable bastion of trust and security, shielding users’ interests and upholding the crypto community’s integrity.

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2024-06-05 15:49