Nibiru EVM to Transform Ethereum Capabilities for Tomorrow’s Web3

As a seasoned crypto investor with a deep understanding of the blockchain industry, I’m excited about the potential of Nibiru EVM and its role in driving mainstream adoption and innovation in Web3. Having witnessed firsthand Ethereum’s scalability limitations and high transaction fees during periods of congestion, I believe that Nibiru’s high-performance Ethereum Virtual Machine execution environment is a game-changer.

Tortola, British Virgin Islands, June 5th, 2024, Chainwire

Nibiru’s EVM execution offers rapid transaction processing, expansive capacity, and effortless compatibility for Ethereum programmers, making Nibiru a prime candidate to fuel widespread acceptance and advancements within the Web3 community.

Overcoming Ethereum’s Scalability Hurdles

Nibiru Chain, a trailblazing platform for smart contracts, unveils an advanced Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) execution engine named Nibiru EVM, showcased in its new v2 edition.

Nibiru aims to expand beyond Ethereum’s present infrastructure, which can handle around 20 transactions per second (TPS) and leads to high fees during times of heavy usage. These issues restrict developers from creating complex applications akin to those in the Web2 world. The Nibiru EVM surpasses these hurdles by providing a throughput of over 10,000 TPS while only utilizing single-threaded execution.

To advance the network’s capacity for scaling and processing transactions, Nibiru intends to implement parallel optimistic execution by upgrading the system. This feature is predicted to be available before the end of 2024, as announced by Nibiru’s Co-Founder, Unique Divine. By employing this approach, nodes can leverage additional hardware resources, significantly enhancing the network’s transaction processing capabilities.

Fueling Ecosystem Expansion and Enhanced Developer Experience

As a crypto investor in Nibiru, I firmly believe that the compatibility of our platform with Ethereum plays a pivotal role in drawing liquidity and fostering growth within our ecosystem. Launching a blockchain protocol is not just about setting up shop, but it’s also about establishing trust and demonstrating real-world utility. Continuously innovating and enhancing the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) lies at the heart of our strategy.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about the potential of Nibiru EVM because it offers a more accessible platform for developers working on Ethereum-based applications. With Ethereum hosting over 90% of the total value locked (TVL) in smart contract ecosystems, the demand for its use is undeniable. However, the development process and entry barriers can be quite high. Nibiru EVM aims to change that by providing a more streamlined experience. By doing so, it accelerates development timelines and makes it easier for talented individuals to build innovative applications within this thriving ecosystem.

Nibiru EVM offers developers a powerful, intuitive platform for effortlessly connecting Ethereum tokens and apps on various virtual machines. By employing this multi-virtual machine methodology, we ensure swift transaction handling and an uninterrupted user journey.

Ethereum developers can create and launch apps in an environment similar to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), making it more accessible and quickening the development process. At the same time, they will enjoy the advantages of concurrent optimistic confirmation and immediate settlement.

Nibiru in Early Innings

Starting from its mainnet debut in March 2024, Nibiru has been facilitating Wasm (Web Assembly) smart contracts coded in Rust. The upcoming introduction of Nibiru EVM offers developers an execution environment that is both efficient and capable of handling large workloads. As a significant player in the development of decentralized applications, Nibiru is pushing boundaries and preparing the ground for widespread acceptance.

About Nibiru

Users can keep informed about the newest developments with Nibiru or interact with the platform by stopping by the Community Hub. Here, they’ll discover the primary application and resources such as user manuals, block explorers, and proposed enhancements and governance changes.

Nibiru aspires to headline as the most accommodating and intuitive platform for creating smart contracts, spearheading the movement towards widespread Web3 integration by introducing advancements at every level of its infrastructure: application development, foundation, consensus mechanism, an extensive developer toolkit, and mechanisms for generating value.


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