Jack Dorsey abandons Bluesky, leaves board of directors

As a researcher with a background in social media and technology, I’m closely following the developments at Bluesky, the decentralized social network co-founded by Jack Dorsey in 2019. Dorsey’s recent departure from the Bluesky board is a significant event that warrants attention.

As a researcher, I’d put it this way: Following Dorsey’s departure, Bluesky is on the lookout for a fresh addition to its board as a new member for its public benefit corporation.

Jack Dorsey, the man who started Twitter, has recently relinquished his position on the board of Bluesky, the decentralized social media project he helped establish in 2019.

Jack Dorsey abandons Bluesky, leaves board of directors

Bluesky announced on its website that Dorsey’s departure has led them to initiate the process of recruiting a new board member who is aligned with their mission to create a social network where users have control over their experience. No official explanation for Dorsey’s exit has been given by either party as of now.

Twitter is financing a team of as many as five open source specialists, including architects, engineers, and designers, to create a universal and decentralized blueprint for social media platforms. The end game is for Twitter to adopt this standard as one of its clients.

— jack (@jack) December 11, 2019

Back in 2019, while serving as CEO of Twitter, Dorsey unveiled Bluesky in an official capacity with the long-term goal of making Twitter one of its clients. In a series of tweets, Dorsey explained why Twitter chose to back this decentralized social network. The primary reasons included addressing concerns like the dissemination of misinformation and expanding user choice by relying less on recommendation algorithms.

In 2021, Bluesky was formally set up as a public benefit limited liability company (LLC), distinguishing itself from Twitter as an independent entity. The social media platform has managed to raise over $20 million in investments so far, with Neo, Joe Beda, Bob Young, and many more contributors being part of this impressive funding pool.

More recently, Meta received a $8 million investment, which came at the same time as their launch of Threads, a competing product to X. According to reports, Bluesky intends to use the funds for growing its team and managing operational and infrastructure costs. As of May, Bluesky is said to have around 5.6 million users, whereas Threads boasts over 130 million.

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