LayerZero Labs Bans Employees from Airdrop Participation

As a seasoned crypto investor with a few bitter experiences under my belt, I wholeheartedly applaud LayerZero Labs for their unwavering commitment to transparency and fairness in the distribution of their upcoming token airdrop. The exclusion of their own employees from participating is a bold move that instills confidence in the sincerity and impartiality of this event.

According to CEO Bryan Pellegrino’s latest announcement, Employees of LayerZero Labs will not be allowed to take part in the upcoming token airdrop distributed by the company.

All employees of LayerZero Labs are strictly prohibited from making any claims related to this matter. It’s important to note that doing so would result in disciplinary action, an announcement that has been communicated internally for a while and has long been company policy.

— Bryan Pellegrino (臭企鹅) (@PrimordialAA) May 7, 2024

Any attempt by an employee to claim tokens will be viewed as grounds for termination, underscoring our firm stance on transparency and fairness during the token distribution procedure.

Pellegrino announced that the company’s long-standing rule prohibits any LayerZero Labs employee from taking part in the airdrop. This measure is taken to avoid potential conflicts of interest and preserve the fairness of the airdrop distribution.

LayerZero, developed by LayerZero Labs, is a versatile protocol enabling the creation of apps on any blockchain equipped with customizable security features.

As an analyst, I’ve noticed that LayerZero has taken a proactive approach to enhancing its security measures in response to the July 2023 phishing incident. In this event, scammers disguised themselves as airdrop distributors and managed to drain funds from users’ wallets through false promises. Although the exact amount lost hasn’t been disclosed, LayerZero is taking no chances and continuing to strengthen its security.

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2024-05-07 14:28