Logos inscribes manifesto on record-breaking Bitcoin block

As an experienced analyst with a strong background in blockchain technology and decentralized systems, I’m excited about Logos’ recent accomplishment of inscribing their manifesto on the largest-ever Bitcoin block. This event marks an important milestone for the project as it precedes the launch of the Ordinals collection, which promises to add historical significance by embedding digital artifacts on the Bitcoin blockchain using satoshis.

Recently, Logos, a decentralized and privacy-focused technology platform, left its manifesto as a 3.99 MB addition to the largest Bitcoin block ever recorded.

The Ordinals collection launch on our project comes before this event, and it’s unique because it employs satoshis, the smallest Bitcoin units, to permanently store digital assets within the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.

“The manifesto was etched onto a bitcoin transaction from 2009, located in block number 3,479. Its historical importance stems from its association with early Bitcoin history.”

Are you there, operator? We are looking for you: — OP1 (@exit_operator) May 3, 2024

According to the project, the Logos operators will function as anonymous representatives for early adopters of the Logos technology, guiding the shift from existing internet structures to Logos’ advanced system, which prioritizes user privacy and control.

Logos is working on revolutionizing the fundamental structure of the internet to put greater emphasis on civil liberties. By the end of this year, we will debut the initial components of our Nomos Layer 1 technology on a test network.

“The project aims to reconstruct the internet with a focus on safeguarding civil liberties as a priority. We’re looking for trailblazers to join us in creating a self-governing community in the digital realm.”

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2024-05-03 19:26