London Digital Art Week, Art Basel, Martin Shkreli gossip, and more #hearsay | Opinion

As a long-time crypto investor and observer of the industry, I have seen my fair share of ups and downs. This week has been particularly challenging for me, both personally with my upcoming move back to Warsaw, and in terms of the latest news and gossip shaping the crypto world.

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Dear Hearsay readers,

This past week has been particularly challenging for me. I’ve spent most of it in London, a place that feels like hell when the weather is dismal and I’m feeling down and unmotivated. But I have some exciting news to share – starting next week, I’ll be moving back to Warsaw! So if any of you are based there and follow Polish crypto news, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

But alas, onto the gossip…

Is Martin Shkreli founding another token?

For over a tireless stretch, my team and I, numbering ten strong, have been meticulously constructing a startup from the ground up. Our efforts are bearing fruit as we’ve attracted prominent investors and gained significant traction in the market. Our venture primarily revolves around artificial intelligence and involves intensive utilization of GPUs.

Shkreli lamented that a prison acquaintance had disposed of approximately five million tokens from the project Shkreli supported before its launch. Simultaneously, this person promoted the project in exclusive Discord communities while selling off his own tokens. What a twist of misfortune for ‘pharmabro’, it seems he’s even been betrayed behind bars.

As a researcher studying online security, I’ve come across a potential scammer @_d3f4ult. I once made his acquaintance in prison, where he appeared friendly and kept our connection going through occasional chats. He expressed an interest in crypto trading as a means to turn over a new leaf in his life.

— Martin Shkreli (e/acc) (@MartinShkreli) April 25, 2024

Regarding the infamous figure Andrew Tate, he recently expressed approval for Bitcoin on X, despite being under house arrest in Romania. Justifying his stance, this self-proclaimed “man expert” argued that Bitcoin is a rebellion against authoritarian rule – or possibly a clever tax evasion strategy, given his history.

Last week, Digital Art Week London made a grand entrance with the vibrant presence of NFTs refuting any rumors of their demise. The week’s festivities reached an elegant peak at Ideaworks Experience, where attendees gathered to savor a champagne cocktail and admire the digital art creations of esteemed artists Yuma Yanagisawa and Ryan Koopmans. Located in Mayfair, this exclusive event showcased Koopmans’ renowned photography in the digital realm, known for his poignant depictions of post-Soviet ruins in countries like Georgia and Armenia. His captivating landscapes beautifully capture the delicate balance between life and death, rebirth and decay.


‘The Enchanted Hour’ on display at Ideaworks London

— Ryan Koopmans (@ryankoopmans) April 28, 2024

Yuga Labs recently announced another round of layoffs, indicating that the demand for profile picture NFTs (PFPs) may be declining. In his statement on X, the CEO admitted that Yuga had strayed from its original vision. To regain focus and adapt to the dynamic nature of the crypto market, the company is opting for a leaner, more agile team with a strong cryptonative mindset. So it seems that PFPs might not be as popular as they once were.

As an analyst, I’m excited about the upcoming Digital Art Mile at Art Basel from June 10-16. This innovative addition to the renowned Art Basel fair in Switzerland will be the first digitally focused subsection, located in Basel’s Rebgasse district, just a short walk from the main event. The Digital Art Mile is spearheaded by forward-thinking web3 collectors and curators George Bak and Roger Haas, showcasing works by established Basel artists like Tezos, as well as other galleries and crypto art initiatives that focus on the web3 space.

The Venice Biennale’s recent debut in April has been light on digital presentations, with only Sam Spratt’s “Monument Game” at 1OF1 standing out (available until June 23, 2024). Spratt’s latest creation in Venice combines original paintings and an interactive game, illustrating how digital art, including its challenges in video games and virtual worlds, is increasingly becoming a significant trend in the traditionally hand-coded realm of digital art history. Fascinating times ahead.

Thrilled to share that my first-ever solo exhibition, featuring The Monument Game and Luci’s narrative thus far, will make its debut in Venice, Italy. This exciting milestone is brought to you by @1OF1_art.

The Monument Game initially came to life as a digital experience, shaped from countless hours spent at the computer.

— Sam Spratt (@SamSpratt) March 12, 2024

As a crypto investor who regrettably couldn’t attend the Venice Biennale this year because of token2049 in Dubai, I must acknowledge that Autism Capital consistently delivers insightful perspectives on art and crypto events, often resonating deeply with my own perspective.

Autist of the day award

— Autism Capital 🧩 (@AutismCapital) April 30, 2024

Despite the jokes, NFTs aren’t dead but rather gathering some dust and symbolizing the passage of time and effort. A precious Pepe or artwork, a digital badge of honor – an NFT serves as proof of significance and ownership in the digital realm for the Netizens community.

That’s all for this week, folks—stay thirsty, and don’t forget to touch grass 🙂

London Digital Art Week, Art Basel, Martin Shkreli gossip, and more #hearsay | Opinion

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: London Digital Art Week, Art Basel, Martin Shkreli gossip, and more #hearsay | Opinion

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