New $100M Blockchain Fund Launches for Investors

As a researcher with experience in the cryptocurrency market, I’m intrigued by Rahaman Kargar’s announcement of Blockchain Asset Management’s new $100 million blockchain fund for accredited investors. The timing of this fund launch, coinciding with the Bitcoin halving event, suggests a strategic move to capitalize on potential market growth and increased investor interest.

Expert: Rahaman Kargar, Founder of Blockchain Asset Management, revealed plans for a fresh $100 million blockchain investment fund exclusively open to accredited investors. This new fund seeks to entice financially capable individuals towards the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector. To be eligible, investors must possess an income exceeding $200,000 yearly or boast a net worth above $1 million. The launch coincides with the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, which is projected to boost Bitcoin’s value by decreasing inflation.

I started my investment journey with Blockchain Asset Management LLC back in February this year. Before that, we went through an extensive preparation period to establish a robust operational framework and devise a strategic approach for managing risks while maximizing returns. Our efforts paid off, as we’ve successfully secured substantial capital from early investors and welcomed our first group of high net worth individuals, each committing a minimum investment of $100,000.

Kargar looked forward with optimism to the imminent introduction of the sovereignty fund, highlighting that its meticulously prepared cryptocurrency and blockchain holdings were well-equipped to face market volatility. The fund diversified its investments into a balanced portfolio, aiming for optimal risk-adjusted returns over an extended period.

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2024-05-04 03:00