Pensioners Eye Crypto in $4.7tn Opportunity: Fidelity

As an analyst with a background in pension fund investments, I’ve witnessed firsthand the gradual shift towards crypto assets in institutional investing. Manuel Nordeste’s insights from Fidelity Digital Assets echo my own observations.

As a researcher, I’ve come across an intriguing development in the world of pension planning. Manuel Nordeste, the Vice President at Fidelity Digital Assets, has shared that pension plans are starting to consider investing in crypto assets. Defined benefit plans and other pension funds are reportedly initiating conversations with their investment committees regarding this new potential avenue for growth.

As a researcher examining trends in crypto investments, I’ve discovered that family offices and high-net-worth individuals are increasingly playing significant roles in this market despite their relatively small scale. These sophisticated investors bring valuable expertise and resources to the table.

Looking back at Fidelity Digital Assets’ genesis in 2018, I recall the early buzz among family offices, niche asset managers, and hedge funds. Their curiosity piqued by digital assets, they were among the first institutional investors to explore this new frontier. Not long after, larger blue-chip hedge funds joined the fray, recognizing the potential of this emerging asset class.

“Now, we’re engaging in discussions with large-scale investors and institutions, and are successfully bringing some of them on board, in addition to corporations and others.”

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2024-05-03 15:00