Pi Squared Raises $12.5 Million in Seed Funding Led by Polychain Capital to Build a Universal ZK Circuit Powered by Proof of Proof

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and computer science, I’m thrilled to see Pi Squared making significant strides in the field of verifiable computing. The company’s unique approach to using zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to enable trustless remote computing, AI, and interoperable smart contracts for any blockchain or dApp is a game changer.

Champaign, Illinois, United States, July 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

As a crypto investor, I’m excited to share that Pi Squared (Proof of Proof) recently announced the successful completion of their first round of fundraising. This milestone was made possible by the leadership of Polychain Capital, along with a stellar syndicate consisting of ABCDE, Bloccelerate, Generative Ventures, Robot Ventures, and Samsung Next. Furthermore, angel investors such as Shumo Chu, Harish Devarajan, Justin Drake, Sreeram Kanaan, Csongor Kiss, George Lambeth, Yilong Li, Calvin Liu, Lucian Mincu, and Karthik Raju, along with Common Prefix, joined the cause to support this promising project.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about Pi Squared’s innovative approach to implementing zero-knowledge (ZK) technology in a groundbreaking way. With Pi Squared, trustless remote computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and interoperable smart contracts will become a reality for any blockchain or decentralized application (dApp).

Grigore Roșu, CEO of Pi Squared and CS Professor at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, shares his vision: “Our goal is to fundamentally transform verifiable computing. We aim to make it accessible to all programming languages and virtual machines, ensuring inherent correctness at the core, and delivering blazing-fast performance. The implications are vast – from establishing a universal settlement layer (USL) for seamless Blockchain integration and interoperability, to ultimately hosting all scientific discoveries and knowledge on this platform.”

“Karthik Raju, General Partner at Polychain Capital, stated that Pi Squared’s proof of proof technology would bring about a groundbreaking change in the realm of Web3 and beyond. The universal ZK circuit by Pi Squared is expected to expand the scope and accessibility of Web3 for various stakeholders, including developers and end-users.”

Pi Squared serves as the foundation for the next generation of reliable computing, providing a universal and scalable solution with the smallest possible level of trust required. The inaugural product born from Pi Squared is the Universal Settlement Layer (USL), an innovative design for modular blockchains that offers the following attributes:


High-level computations can be written using languages that don’t require compilation or translation into machine code before execution. Instead, these languages are interpreted by a virtual machine.

Provable correctness

The computations validated through the USL have been mathematically confirmed as accurate, allowing any external entity to independently authenticate the USL’s current state.

Trust Base Minimality

As a researcher exploring the field of upper-layer computations, I would describe USL (User-Supplicant Layer) as follows: USL brings transparency to assumptions in upper-level computations by exposing them, thereby enhancing end-user awareness. Moreover, it aims to reduce the reliance on trust through implementing correctness proofs.

App Interoperability

The USL (Underlying System Layer) facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between diverse application components and networks, such as appchains.

Determinism and reproducibility

The validation is reproducible and independently verifiable by any external entity.

Pi Squared’s User-Defined Security Logic (USL) ensures both accuracy and completeness of generic computations, reducing the reliance on trustworthy components. USL advocates for verifiable computing as the preferred distributed computing model, allowing flexibility without favoring specific domain-language, virtual machines, or execution environments, all while maintaining efficiency and scalability.

As a researcher, I’m excited to share that Pi Squared will be an active participant in EthCC events taking place in Brussels from the 8th to the 11th of July. You have the opportunity to attend talks given by our CEO, Grigore Roșu, at Restaking & Infra Day on the 8th and L2con on the 9th.

About Pi Squared

Pi Squared signifies zero-knowledge proofs for mathematical demonstrations. Our team at Pi Squared employs zero-knowledge (ZK) technology in an innovative and constructional manner that is fundamentally distinct. This universal and unassuming ZK circuit ensures verifiable computing accuracy for all languages and virtual machines, without the necessity of translation to a common language, VM, or instruction set architecture. I am part of Pi Squared, led by UIUC professor Grigore Rosu – an esteemed figure in the K framework and Runtime Verification field – alongside researchers and founders of thriving projects in formal methods, blockchain, and artificial intelligence/machine learning.

To book a meeting with Pi Squared’s CEO and team, attendees can reach out to contact@pi2.network. 

For deeper insights into Pi Squared’s mission and the concept of Proof of Proof, check out pi2.network. Keep updated with Pi Squared by connecting with them on social media platforms.


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