ROAR spikes 300% following Roaring Kitty’s GameStop announcment

As an analyst with a background in finance and experience following the meme stock phenomenon, I find this recent development surrounding ROAR meme coin and GameStop stock quite intriguing. Roaring Kitty, or Keith Gill, has once again managed to stir up a storm in the world of meme stocks by revealing his substantial holdings in GameStop shares and options on social media.

As an analyst, I’ve observed a significant surge in the value of ROAR meme coin today. This upward trend can be attributed to none other than social media influencer Roaring Kitty’s revelation about his substantial investment in GameStop stocks.

ROAR spikes 300% following Roaring Kitty’s GameStop announcment

This morning, the price of ROAR meme cryptocurrency, linked to social media figure Roaring Kitty, experienced a remarkable surge, jumping by an impressive 307.4% to hit $0.001643, as reported by CoinGecko.

Roaring Kitty and the bullish 5 million shares

The surge can be attributed to significant events surrounding Roaring Kitty, or Keith Gill, who shared a screenshot on Reddit showcasing a substantial investment in GameStop stocks and options. With Friday’s closing price as a reference, it was clear that Gill owned around 5 million shares of GameStop, worth an estimated $116 million.

ROAR spikes 300% following Roaring Kitty’s GameStop announcment

Currently, GameStop’s stock price is surging following an apparent investment of around $116 million made by the Reddit account known for fueling the meme-stock phenomenon in 2021.

— Bloomberg Markets (@markets) June 3, 2024

The revelation made by Gill promptly and significantly influenced the market, causing GameStop’s stock to surge past the $40 mark during Monday’s trading, peaking at an impressive 100% increase. In the pre-market session, this growth settled down but still represented a substantial 88% boost, signaling renewed excitement among investors in meme stocks.

The surge in GameStop share prices and Gill’s enigmatic social media moves, such as the Uno reverse card post, sparked renewed enthusiasm for meme stocks. Memeb stocks are characterized by extreme price fluctuations influenced more by internet buzz than corporate achievements, making them a hot topic among independent investors.

Last month, GameStop sold approximately 45 million shares for a total value of over $933.4 million. However, the company issued a cautionary statement to investors, indicating the possibility of substantial losses in the upcoming quarter. Despite this recent increase in share value, GameStop is projected to experience sales decreases and continued net losses.

$GME currently sits at $30.47 per share, with over $118 million daily volume.

ROAR spikes 300% following Roaring Kitty’s GameStop announcment

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2024-06-03 20:28