Runes is making Bitcoin fun and accessible again | Opinion

As a seasoned crypto investor and founder of Ordz Games, I’ve witnessed Bitcoin’s evolution from a staid store of value to an exciting platform for innovation. For years, the Bitcoin blockchain has been overshadowed by Ethereum and other blockchains in terms of activity, fees, and adoption. But that is all changing now.

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Despite the frenzied activity and massive earnings from transaction fees on networks like Ethereum and Solana, Bitcoin‘s blockchain has been relatively quiet with minimal excitement, fees, or innovation to speak of. With a market capitalization nearing a trillion dollars, entry into Bitcoin for most retail investors remains an insurmountable challenge.

Now, the scenario is shifting, marking a first for Bitcoin. It’s now ripe for new experiences, which in turn will draw more interest, foster wider usage, and spur creativity. This positive shift could also bring potential answers to the long-standing challenge of enhancing its network security within the Bitcoin blockchain.

In this new phase, Runes have played a significant role in generating an unprecedented $107 million income for Bitcoin miners in a single day. This substantial revenue has eased worries regarding the potential decrease in miner earnings due to halving and strengthened the long-term financial foundation of Bitcoin.

Traditional financial organizations have taken note of the rising action surrounding Bitcoin. According to Bernstein analysts, this trend is becoming increasingly apparent.

“Bitcoin is undergoing a ‘DeFi boom’ reminiscent of Ethereum’s 2020 surge. During this period, numerous decentralized applications and tokens were introduced on the Ethereum blockchain, resulting in a surge of liquidity and elevated transaction fees.”

Bernstin isn’t alone in observing an increase in Bitcoin activity; Franklin Templeton has similarly reported this phenomenon.

As a crypto investor, I’ve noticed an impressive surge in interest around Runes since its launch coincided with Bitcoin’s halving last month. This is reflected in the rising Bitcoin average transaction fees, which had been stagnant but experienced a significant jump with the advent of the Runes protocol. In the beginning of this month, transaction fees hovered around $5, but skyrocketed to an unprecedented high of $128 on April 20, as per YCharts data. Consequently, total transaction fees reached a new record high of $80 million.

Runes is making Bitcoin fun and accessible again | Opinion

As a researcher investigating transaction data, I’ve discovered that the protocol has processed approximately 1.9 million transactions and accrued around 1,366 Bitcoins in fees based on information from Dune Analytics. Moreover, according to NFT Pulse, Bitcoin stands out as the leading blockchain in terms of trading revenue.

A new era for Bitcoin

From the outset, Ordinals has been a trailblazer, enabling users to incorporate data into the Bitcoin blockchain. Since its inception in 2022, this innovation has witnessed remarkable growth, with an impressive total of 66 million Ordinal inscriptions created, amassing approximately 6,777 BTC (equivalent to $450.8 million) in fees based on Dune Analytics’ data.

As a Bitcoin analyst, I’ve come across an innovative solution proposed by Casey Rodarmor, the developer behind Ordinals, which he named Runes. Instead of relying on the current inefficient Bitcoin token standard BRC-20s that can congest the network, Runes utilizes Bitcoin’s Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) and stores data within the transactions’ OP_RETURN field. This approach is more streamlined and efficient in my analysis.

Rune is responsible for managing data on the blockchain at a lower cost and with improved network efficiency compared to past norms. As a result, Rune becomes an attractive choice for developing secure platforms, particularly for the creation of fungible tokens like meme coins, and facilitating transactions.

Bitcoin’s retail sector is currently abuzz with excitement, as hundreds of new tokens have emerged within the past week. Furthermore, the Runes ecosystem has expanded significantly, now encompassing decentralized exchanges (DEXs), NFT marketplaces, launchpads, exchanges, lending protocols, block explorers, analytics tools, and projects specifically focused on Rune. Centralized exchanges such as OKX and have even joined the fray by listing some of these freshly minted Runes. This trend underscores the potential for a rich and thriving ecosystem to develop around Bitcoin over time.

From my perspective as an analyst, the current process of generating and hypothesizing about NFTs and meme coins on Bitcoin is far from being a smooth experience for all involved. However, with advancements in technology and user-friendly interfaces, the recognition of Runes’ true potential will likely lead to exponential growth in adoption and value.

The initial stage of this project is underway, resulting in potential reductions in cost, volume, and fees in the near future. Currently, the fee has returned to $32. Nevertheless, as the hype subsides, there will be an explosive surge of innovation, partnerships, and practical applications. Eventually, Runes will evolve into a billion-dollar network, paving the way for groundbreaking blockchain advancements and rekindled enthusiasm.

As an analyst, I believe the excitement, accessibility, and advanced technology that Rune brings to the table will significantly transform the Bitcoin landscape. However, it requires more established gamefi, defi projects, and overall infrastructure for legitimacy. The current top 10 Runes by Market Cap are mostly meme tokens. Expect this dynamic to shift within the next few months.

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— (@ord_io) May 2, 2024

Bitcoins tremendous capabilities have largely remained untapped until now. With the introduction of Runes, Bitcoin is primed to unlock all its hidden potential. The foundational layer has spent the past decade solidifying itself as a secure and robust blockchain. Now, the general public will be reintroduced to Bitcoin, allowing them to experience and benefit from its immense value, propelling it to new heights.


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