Strategists Bet on Bitcoin to Beat Nvidia in Next Decade

As a researcher with a background in technology and finance, I have closely followed the developments of Nvidia (NVDA) and Bitcoin over the last decade. Based on historical data, it is undeniable that Nvidia’s stock has outperformed Bitcoin by a significant margin, providing a return of 21558% compared to Bitcoin’s 13048%. However, I acknowledge the contrasting opinions from crypto experts regarding the future performance of these two assets.

As an analyst, I would rephrase the statement as follows: Over the past ten years, Nvidia’s stock (NVDA) has delivered a staggering return of 21,558%, outperforming Bitcoin‘s 13,048% growth. However, crypto experts anticipate that this trend may not continue into the next decade.

“Cory Klippsten, CEO of Swan Bitcoin, is almost certain that Bitcoin will surpass Nvidia’s performance in the next 10 years,” vs. “Lyn Alden, an investment strategist, shares her personal preference for investing in Bitcoin over Nvidia for the next decade.”

From a research perspective, I’ve found that Nvidia Corporation’s stock, represented by the ticker symbol $NVDA, has surpassed the returns of Bitcoin over the past decade.

— Lyn Alden (@LynAldenContact) May 24, 2024

The disparity in perspective arises due to the influence of network effects, which can intensify Bitcoin’s financial significance across various economic sectors. As explained by Sina from, “Money has multiple tiers of network effects,” but in contrast, there is no such thing for Nvidia within the realm of artificial intelligence.

Some people pondered over whether it was foreseeable a decade ago, given that AI and Bitcoin were just emerging technologies, that they would contribute significantly to Nvidia’s impressive growth. Going back to 2014, Daniel Sempere Pico might have wondered which of the two seemed riskier and less likely to generate such substantial returns.

While some predict rosy prospects for Bitcoin’s future, there are also voices of caution sounding alarms for potential declines. Based on the “Power Law” model proposed by ex-physics professor Giovanni Santostasi, Bitcoin could reach a peak price of $210,000 in early 2026 before experiencing a downturn and settling at around $60,000.

The clash between tech behemoths championing centralized systems and proponents of decentralized digital currencies in the cryptocurrency realm is poised to deliver an unforeseeable and captivating outcome.

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2024-05-25 12:52