Web3 AI Platform Rivalz Launches Testnet Rewards Event

As a seasoned crypto investor with a keen interest in decentralized technologies, I’m genuinely excited about the recent developments at Rivalz Network. Having closely followed their progress since their inception, it’s impressive to see them gain support from reputable investors like Delphi Ventures and Zee Prime.

Yesterday, May 24th, marked the beginning of an exciting testnet launch for Rivalz Network, a decentralized AI infrastructure platform backed by prominent investors including Delphi Ventures and Zee Prime.

Based on the findings in the report, users can earn rewarding testnet credits by taking part in Intel’s incentivized testnet program for deploying Rivalz’s decentralized node infrastructure.

Individuals who have accrued greater numbers of these points stand to receive larger proportions of the upcoming major $RIZ token distribution in Q3-2024. This event comes with increased rewards for top leaderboard placements. Users can generate rClients by offering core data storage and processing services, finishing social tasks, producing “Fragmentz” NFTs daily, and engaging in other qualifying activities that serve as discounts on node sales.

As an expert on EVM-based decentralized applications, Rivalz, functioning as a node on Celestia, pioneers the creation of the initial “Artificial Intelligence Data Infrastructure Layer.” This innovative network enables secure data processing, anonymous computations, verified data deposits, and trustless data pipelines for advanced AI projects. Powered by Light Clients and pro-Validator zNodes, this dispersed framework utilizes $RIZ as its native token to facilitate transactions.

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2024-05-25 14:46