B2C2 Expands to Singapore to Boost APAC Presence

As an analyst with extensive experience in the financial industry, I see B2C2’s expansion into Singapore as a strategic move that will undoubtedly strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. With its existing offices in key financial hubs like London, Paris, Luxembourg, New Jersey, and Tokyo, the addition of a Singapore office makes perfect sense, given the city-state’s status as a leading financial center.

In simple terms, B2C2, a significant player in the cryptocurrency market making sector under the umbrella of Japan’s SBI Holdings, has recently established a new base in Singapore. This move marks an expansionary phase for B2C2 in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Singapore branch enhances B2C2’s current offices in London, Paris, Luxembourg, New Jersey, and Tokyo. According to Thomas Restout, CEO of B2C2, “Given its status as a major financial hub, both locally and internationally, it was only natural for us to expand our presence in the Asia-Pacific region through Singapore.”

As a researcher studying the financial markets, I can tell you that B2C2 has solidified its position in Asia-Pacific thanks to its existing presence in Japan. In the year 2020, SBI Holdings, a prominent Japanese conglomerate, acquired B2C2, marking a significant investment of over a million dollars from them.

David Rogers, a seasoned financial professional with a 24-year long career, has been appointed as the head of operations for B2C2 in the Asia-Pacific region, based in Singapore. Previously, Rogers had worked for notable institutions such as State Street, Goldman Sachs, and UBS. Over the past 17 years, he gained extensive experience while working in this dynamic region.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited to hear about B2C2’s plans to apply for a Major Payment Institution (MPI) license in Singapore. This move signifies their commitment to expanding their operations and providing more services to the growing crypto market in Asia. Additionally, their recent achievement of being granted a virtual asset service provider registration in Luxembourg makes them the 12th digital asset company in the country. This milestone further strengthens their position as a key player in the global crypto industry.

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2024-05-28 01:24