BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) Program Launches a 60 Million Ecosystem Incentives Program

As a researcher with extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, I am particularly intrigued by BEVM’s latest announcement of the Visionary Builders (BVB) program. This initiative aligns with my belief that community engagement and decentralized governance are crucial factors for the success and growth of any project in this space.

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As an analyst, I’d put it this way: I’m excited to share that BEVM has unveiled a fresh incentive initiative called BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB). This announcement comes on the heels of our recent collaboration with Binance Wallet for an airdrop event.

Introduction to BEVM Visionary Builders

Initiated by BEVM, the “Visionary Builders” reward scheme, overseen by BEVM, is designed to foster growth in 17 distinct areas such as decentralized exchanges (DEXs), lending platforms, and stablecoins, among others. By engaging the community and employing a comprehensive assessment process, this program will distribute a total of $60 million in rewards to exceptional projects and individuals.

As a researcher examining the features of this program, I can share that it incorporates an on-chain community voting system. Project teams looking to make their mark can showcase their engaged user bases via on-chain votes, which is a significant aspect when assessing projects’ value. By partaking in on-chain voting, users will not only be eligible for airdrops of ORDINALS•RUNE but also BEVM tokens.

At present, the Visionary Builders initiative welcomes submissions from eligible project teams. Prospective applicants may complete the application form located in the Ecosystem segment of the BEVM website or use this link: BEVM Visionary Builders Application Form.

The application process for the Visionary Builders program is as follows:

  1.  Project teams fill out the application form.
  2.  Upon passing the review, projects are listed on the “BVB” section of the BEVM website, and teams can invite community members to vote.
  3. After the first month, BEVM distributes ORDINALS•RUNE assets and $60 million worth of tokens based on the community ECO score ranking.
  4. From the second month, BEVM will announce the first batch of BVB winners, with voting scores continuing to accumulate.

Reward Distribution

BEVM intends to contribute approximately $60 million in assets towards incentivizing ecosystem initiatives and active voters within the BVB (Beverage Venture Builder) program. The value of these rewards is expected to increase in tandem with the growth of BEVM. Here’s a breakdown of the distribution plan:

  • 30% for airdrops to on-chain voters
  • 70% to incentivize outstanding ecosystem projects and their users

The distribution of airdrop rewards is determined by the percentage of ECO scores held by on-chain voting participants. This means that users with larger voting scores stand to gain a greater number of tokens as rewards. There are three ways to accumulate ECO scores:

BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) Program Launches a 60 Million Ecosystem Incentives Program

1. Genesis Box

As a researcher studying the Blockchain Ecosystem Value Model (BEVM), I’ve come across an intriguing asset called The Genesis Box (GBX). GBX is an early-stage asset within the BEVM ecosystem designed to recognize and reward supporters during the mainnet launch. By holding GBX, users stand a chance of unlocking rewards in the form of ECO scores, which can range from 500 to 1,500 units. However, it is essential to note that opening the Genesis Box will result in its consumption.

 2. Inviting Users

As a researcher studying user engagement on our voting platform, I’d describe it this way: When users access the voting page through an invitation link (let’s call them “invitees”), they receive a bonus of 5% added to their total scores. For every single vote that an invitee makes, the person who extended the invitation (referred to as the “inviter”) will also receive a 5% boost in their own score tally.

 3. Voting

As an analyst, I would describe it this way: Once you’ve accumulated points by participating, you have the opportunity to cast your vote for your preferred protocols on our dedicated voting platform. For every vote you make, 100 points are added to your tally, and there will be a publicly available ranking showcasing the top-performing protocols based on these votes.

Every month, BEVM will publicly recognize and honor the ecosystem projects deserving of the “Visionary Builder” title, followed by implementing their respective incentive plans. This open and equitable compensation system guarantees that all contributors’ hard work is appropriately recognized and compensated.

BEVM Visionary Builders: The Engine of the Bitcoin Ecosystem

As a crypto investor in BEVM’s ecosystem, I view the BVB program as more than just an initiative to invigorate our community. It represents a thoughtful strategy by BEVM to foster growth and progress within our digital economy. The importance of this program cannot be overstated; not only does it present fresh opportunities for BEVM, but it also offers invaluable perspectives that can benefit the entire cryptocurrency sector as a whole.

As a cryptocurrency analyst, I believe that technological innovation, market potential, and community engagement are the three key elements that play a pivotal role in determining the success of any project within the crypto industry. By employing a multi-faceted evaluation approach and integrating on-chain community voting, BEVM is uniquely positioned to identify and support projects with the greatest potential for growth and impact.

Based on present calculations, BEVM is allocating approximately $60 million in assets towards this initiative. This substantial investment is not common practice within the industry. Through implementing on-chain voting and multidimensional assessment methods, BEVM guarantees that each project and user is fairly compensated for their respective input.

As a cryptocurrency analyst, I firmly believe that implementing a community voting mechanism significantly enhances the decentralization and democratic nature of BEVM’s governance. In the world of crypto, decentralized governance is essential for boosting project transparency and credibility. By allowing community users to directly engage in project selection through voting, we not only foster a greater sense of ownership but also ensure fairness and transparency in the decision-making process.

As a crypto investor participating in the BVB program, I can expect that BEVM will offer extensive technical assistance to the chosen projects, allowing them to overcome complex technical hurdles and improve their overall capabilities. Moreover, BEVM intends to employ diverse marketing tactics to amplify the exposure and influence of these projects. Lastly, through partnerships with esteemed investment institutions such as Bitmain, Waterdrip Capital, Satoshi Labs, and exchanges, BEVM aims to establish a dedicated acceleration fund, investing in promising projects within the BEVM ecosystem.

About The Visionary Builders Program

Through the initiation of the BEVM Visionary Builders program, BEVM underscores its commitment to fostering a vibrant community. As this program develops, BEVM is well-positioned to draw in additional exceptional projects and individuals, thereby bolstering the ecosystem’s growth and vitality. This influx of new members will contribute to the flourishing of the Bitcoin Layer 2 network, injecting fresh energy into its expansion and utilization.



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