CARV Launches Alphanet: $35M Node Sale Propels Decentralization Milestone

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and decentralized systems, I find the recent announcement from CARV about the launch of their Alphanet to be an exciting development in the field. The distribution of 38,000 verifier nodes to the community and the potential rewards for node operators aligns closely with my belief that decentralization is key to building a fair and equitable data economy.

Santa Clara, USA, July 1st, 2024, Chainwire

New Initiative to Scale Network and Reward Node Operators with Airdrops and Voting Rights

As a data analysis expert, I’m excited to share that I’m part of the team at CARV, the leading modular data layer for gaming and AI. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: Alphanet. This network is managed by 38,000 verifier nodes, distributed among our community, which collectively hold a value of $35M. This milestone represents a substantial advancement towards CARV’s vision – a fully decentralized future where data belongs to its users.

In simpler terms, nodes give power to CARV community members as active participants, allowing them to manage, profit from, and have autonomy over their data while businesses can leverage accurate information for innovation. The introduction of Alphanet allows node operators to trial the system, contributing significantly to network security with double-checked smart contract validation. According to CoinDesk, CARV’s shift towards community-driven validation and securing data flows makes it a decentralized, adaptable protocol layer, enabling easy integration of high-quality games, gamers, and apps that value a secure, distributed data infrastructure.

Starting June 28, users are able to download and utilize Node Operation software. Beginning July 1, node proprietors can initiate running nodes on Alphanet and may receive test rewards. Participation in data validation on Alphanet influences potential rewards during mainnet launches. Twenty-five percent of the entire token supply is allocated for verifier incentives. This economic motivation links the protocol’s long-term prosperity to the community’s invested stakes.

As a crypto investor and supporter of CARV, I’m thrilled to witness our team’s impressive advancements. From the effective distribution of nodes to the recent launch of the alphanet, we’re making great strides towards a more decentralized and scalable network. Our dedicated community’s active participation serves as a clear indication that there is strong demand for an open data frontier that empowers users instead of corporations exploiting it. With this crucial milestone behind us, we can now focus on constructing the most dynamic data ecosystem in the world.

The Alphanet launch strengthens CARV’s growth trajectory following significant collaborations. Notably, CARV revealed a partnership with double Inc., a pioneering Japanese Web3 gaming company and creators of Oasys, the popular layer-1 blockchain tailored for gamers. Under this collaboration, double and Oasys will manage CARV nodes, granting token incentives for participating in CARV’s governance. Additionally, teaming up with industry leaders like Animoca Brands, Neowiz’ IntellaX, Google Cloud, and Netmarble’s MARBLEX further solidifies CARV as the go-to gaming and AI data platform, poised to spark game-changing innovations across the sector.

As a researcher delving into the intricacies of CARV’s system, I would recommend exploring the in-depth guide on potential staking rewards, node economics, and the roadmap for fostering user-owned data economies, which can be found here and here.

About CARV

I, as the creator of ERC7231 and founder of CARV, have developed the CARV Protocol, a modular data layer that has been integrated with over 40 blockchains, Google Cloud, and various identity, storage, infrastructure, and AI providers. With my team, we’ve built CARV Play, our flagship gaming superapp, which is currently connected to over 790 web2 and web3 games, serving a community of over 2.8 million gamers. I’m proud to have the support of esteemed backers such as Temasek’s Vertex Ventures, ConsenSys (the Metamask developers), Tribe Capital, IOSG Ventures, Animoca Brands, HashKey Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and MARBELX, among others. For more details about CARV and its offerings, please check out our website at


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