Deutsche Telekom joins data indexer Subsquid as node runner

As a seasoned crypto investor with a background in technology and telecommunications, I’m thrilled to see Deutsche Telekom, one of Europe’s largest telecom providers, enter the blockchain space by partnering with Subsquid. This partnership holds immense potential for both companies and the broader web3 ecosystem.

Deutsche Telekom, a major player in German mobile communications, collaborates with Subsquid to add data by operating nodes for the data lake.

As a researcher studying the latest developments in the telecommunications industry, I’m excited to share that Deutsche Telekom, a leading European telecom provider, has taken on the role of a node partner with Subsquid, a decentralized protocol. By doing so, Deutsche Telekom will contribute to managing the data lake through operating network nodes for this innovative project.

In a press release on Wednesday, Deutsche Telekom, based in Bonn, announced that a subsidiary of theirs has begun managing the infrastructure to add “worker nodes” to a data lake under a partnership deal. The worker nodes have been operational “since earlier this summer.”

Dirk Röder, the head of web3 infrastructure and solutions team at Deutsche Telekom, expressed his high regard for Subsquid’s solution as a “revolutionary advancement in web3 technology” with significant potential.

“Röder remarked that our solution brings out the full capacity of blockchain data, making it simple for both developers and users to access and utilize. With our robust enterprise setup, we enhance the security and capacity of the network, creating a solid foundation for Subsquid’s advanced decentralized Data Lake technology.”

Marcel Fohrmann, co-founder of Subsquid, stated that this collaboration represents a “significant leap in credibility and safety for both our developing platform and the broader realm of blockchain technology.”

Deutsche Telekom is not only operating validators for the blockchain networks Polygon, Ethereum, and Polkadot, but also for Subsquid, a startup founded in 2021 by Dmitry Zhelezov and Marcel Fohrmann. This collaboration strengthens Subsquid’s mission to address issues surrounding blockchain data accessibility and the steep costs of data extraction. Originally developed for Polkadot, Subsquid has since broadened its scope to Ethereum, Flare, and even released a beta version for Solana.

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2024-07-03 16:10