Donald Trump’s Crypto Holdings Near $10 Million

As a seasoned crypto investor with over a decade of experience in the market, I find Trump’s sudden surge in cryptocurrency holdings quite intriguing. While I’ve seen my fair share of price fluctuations and market trends, this news comes as a surprise, given Trump’s previous stance on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency holdings of former President Donald Trump, represented on the blockchain, have grown to nearly $10 million. This expansion is mainly attributed to the significant rise in value for the TRUMP coin.

BREAKING: Donald Trump now holds $10M in cryptoDonald Trump’s on-chain holdings surpassed $10 Million this morning, mainly fuelled by the rise in price of the $TRUMP coin – of which Trump currently holds $7.3M. — Arkham (@ArkhamIntel) May 27, 2024

I’ve analyzed the latest data from Arkham, and I can confirm that President Trump holds a substantial portion of his cryptocurrency investments in $TRUMP coins. Specifically, he owns approximately 579,000 $TRUMP coins, which are currently valued at around $7.3 million. Additionally, he also owns about 463 Ethereum, worth around $2 million. Beyond these holdings, Trump’s cryptocurrency portfolio includes investments in $MVP coin, $CONAN, and $BABYTRUMP.

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2024-05-27 19:00