Entangle Launches Mainnet for Omnichain Interoperability

As a seasoned crypto investor with a deep understanding of the blockchain industry, I’m thrilled about Entangle’s successful Mainnet launch. This milestone signifies the emergence of a promising player in the omnichain sector that offers innovative interoperability solutions.

After two long years of development and rigorous testing on the testnet, Entangle’s data infrastructure layer, which facilitates interoperability between various blockchains, has officially debuted its Mainnet. This significant achievement cements Entangle’s role as a key player in the omnichain industry, delivering groundbreaking interoperability solutions for smooth and unified digital asset transactions.

As a researcher studying the Entangle project, I can explain that the mainnet launch involves several crucial components: the Entangle Blockchain serves as the backbone of our decentralized system; Entangle Explorer is the user interface that allows us to interact with and explore the data on the blockchain; Photon Messaging facilitates secure communication between nodes; Validators are responsible for confirming transactions and maintaining the integrity of the network; Delegation enables users to delegate their staking power to trusted validators; and e-Bridge is a crucial interoperability solution that connects Entangle with other blockchain networks.

The design of the Entangle Blockchain features a thoughtfully constructed multi-layered framework. This consists of three distinct layers: the Application Layer, the Modules Layer, and the Tendermint Consensus Layer.

The Entangle Blockchain boasts an impressive average transaction confirmation time of under 2.8 seconds, showcasing its efficiency. The addition of the Photon Messaging feature expands the platform’s functionalities, enabling cross-chain development on sixteen EVM and non-EVM blockchains, including Solana.

After the Mainnet release, NGL token owners have the opportunity to participate in securing the blockchain, gain rewards, and enjoy upcoming perks within the Entangle Ecosystem by staking their tokens.

Staking involves delegating tokens to Entangle validators and the agent network, crucial for securing the Photon Messaging system. Staking means giving NGL to validators or transmitter agents who use nodes to check and approve new transactions, adding them to the blockchain. This helps keep the blockchain safe and trustworthy.

As a researcher studying the Ethereum network, I’ve discovered that currently, 71 validators, including prominent players such as Hashkey Cloud, Rhino, Nodefi, and DaiC, are actively participating in the validation process. Furthermore, there are plans to onboard additional agents who will facilitate delegations and staking for users, increasing the network’s overall participation and security.

As a researcher examining the Entangle ecosystem, I’ve discovered that approximately 25 million NGL tokens have already been committed to validators or delegate agents through staking or delegation. This significant number underscores the faith and belief users hold in Entangle’s potential. For those interested in participating, you can explore available validator and transmitter agent options by visiting the Entangle Explorer platform.

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2024-05-16 15:16