Introduces New Mobile Wallet and Visa Card

As a seasoned crypto investor with a strong belief in the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi), I’m thrilled to hear about Cash. This new project promises to make DeFi more accessible and usable for everyday people, allowing them to save, invest, and spend their cryptocurrencies seamlessly., a pioneering non-custodial liquidity staking platform, unveiled its latest initiative: Ether.Fi Cash. This project intends to bridge the gap between users’ assets and real-world financial transactions.

Introducing Cash – your all-in-one solution for saving, investing, and spending!

— (@ether_fi) May 24, 2024

As a financial analyst specializing in the DeFi space, I’m excited to share that Cash represents an innovative solution for users looking to access liquidity using their decentralized finance investments. This mobile wallet and Visa credit card will enable users to borrow USDC, a stablecoin tied to the value of the U.S. dollar, against their existing DeFi assets. Once approved for credit, users can make transactions directly using cryptocurrency for added convenience.

Mike Silagadze, the CEO of, expressed their goal as follows: “Our aim is to create a collection of user-friendly applications that enable regular people to effectively utilize Decentralized Finance (DeFi).”

At, cash card holders have the flexibility to borrow funds using their liquid deposits or staked assets as collateral. The accrued interest from these investments can then be automatically applied towards settling bills. Additionally, users can instantly convert their assets into USDC for settlement purposes.

As a crypto investor, I appreciate the convenience of Silagadze’s explanation about Cash on Instead of having to repeatedly go through the process of off-ramping to other platforms for saving, investing, or spending my funds, I can do it all in one place after onboarding just once onto This platform simplifies my financial management by allowing me to easily save, invest, and spend my money within its ecosystem.

As a researcher exploring the world of cryptocurrencies, I would express it this way: I can easily receive digital currency payments and carry out my daily transactions using platforms like This ecosystem aims to provide a crypto-centric rewards program, emulating the well-known schemes offered by traditional financial institutions such as Chase.

Additionally, it sets itself apart from regular credit cards by implementing a pricing model in line with the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector, contrasting the standard 15-30% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) found in traditional credit card arrangements.

Despite the fact that Cash isn’t the initial endeavor to create a cryptocurrency payment card, Silagadze firmly believes that previous attempts in this domain were inferior and subpar.

He observed that most of those were Visa debit cards, finding them less convenient for various reasons. Debit cards issued by Visa primarily cater to specific needs like hotel reservations and vehicle rentals, making them less versatile for numerous other purchases.

I analyze the situation and anticipate that Cash will become accessible to consumers by September. However, it’s uncertain that Cash will be extended to significant markets like the US because of regulatory hurdles.

Silagadze underlined, “This is an actual credit card.”

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2024-05-24 19:16