Former Alameda Research CEO Advocates Leniency for FTX Co-CEO

As a researcher with a background in the crypto industry, I have followed the developments surrounding Ryan Salame’s case closely. Having worked with Sam Trabucco at Alameda Research before his departure, I can attest to their close friendship and the significant impact Salame’s imprisonment could have on his family.

Ex-co-CEOs Sam Trabucco of Alameda Research and Ryan Salame of FTX Digital Markets find themselves in the limelight once more, as Trabucco has stepped forward to advocate for mercy in Salame’s upcoming sentencing. In a letter submitted on his behalf, Trabucco makes a case for leniency towards his former colleague.

As an analyst, I’d rephrase it as follows: In the correspondence, I brought attention to our strong bond of friendship and voiced worries regarding how Salame’s incarceration might affect his loved ones. To evade criminal accusations, Salame opted for a guilty plea on September 30, 2023 at the fiscal court in relation to charges of money laundering and campaign financing fraud.

Sam Trabucco speaks up, penning a recommendation letter for Ryan Salame in preparation for his sentencing on May 28th.

— Frank Chaparro (@fintechfrank) May 16, 2024

As a researcher looking into the events surrounding FTX’s collapse, I came across a notable comment made by Salame, who previously worked at Alameda Research before leaving the company prior to the incident. In his own words, Salame acknowledged that his actions held significance and influenced others in the crypto industry. Importantly, he highlighted Salame’s importance and the profound impact of his work on the evolving digital asset space.

Salame’s lawyer has requested that the judge limit his client’s imprisonment to a maximum of 18 months during the upcoming sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for next month under the supervision of Judge Lewis Kaplan. The actual sentencing hearing will take place on May 28.

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2024-05-16 23:33