Hamster Kombat Hits 239M Users as It Set to Launch its Token on TON Blockchain

As a seasoned crypto investor, I’ve seen my fair share of hype surrounding new projects and games in the digital world. However, Hamster Kombat has truly piqued my interest with its meteoric growth and innovative approach to gaming and earning rewards.

Hamster Combat, a mini app on Telegram, has garnered immense popularity with an impressive 239 million user registrations in just 81 days since its debut.

In a astonishingly short timeframe of 73 days, this play-to-earn game has achieved the title of the fastest-growing digital service globally by amassing an impressive user base of 100 million people monthly. As shared by its founder, Pavel Durov, approximately four to five million new users join the platform every day.

In addition, Hamster Kombat is planning to boost its gaming experience by launching its own token on the TON blockchain as early as July 2024. Crucial infrastructure projects were completed in June, such as setting up wallets, which will facilitate seamless web3 transactions.

Hamster Kombat Hits 239M Users as It Set to Launch its Token on TON Blockchain

Hamster Kombat encourages users to generate revenue via subscriptions and invitations. In this game, users have the opportunity to make a profit by investing only 20 minutes of their daily time. The level of user involvement is expected to surge following the token launch, as players stand to gain cryptocurrency rewards.

As an excited crypto investor and avid follower of the Hamster Kombat project, I’m looking forward to the anticipated token airdrop that is set to make waves in the crypto gaming scene. Although the specific launch date is still under wraps, the integration of TON wallets since June has primed players for this next stage of development.

Hamster Combat’s achievement goes beyond mere user growth; it strives to establish new world records. Its prominent presence on YouTube, serving as a leading content producer, continues to attract an expanding fan base with increasing subscriber numbers.

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2024-07-05 01:24