iExec Launches Enhanced DataProtector: Revolutionizing Web3 Monetization & Ownership

As a seasoned crypto investor with a deep understanding of the Web3 landscape, I’m excited about iExec’s latest announcement regarding their upgraded DataProtector dev tool. Having witnessed the potential of decentralized applications and the importance of user control over digital assets, this innovation aligns perfectly with my investment philosophy.

Lyon, France, June 4th, 2024, Chainwire

iExec’s latest dev tool empowers Web3 developers to build apps that enhance user control over their digital assets and maximize monetization potential.

iExec, the company behind the platform enabling Web3 developers, DApp users, and content creators to build, own, and earn from their projects, has unveiled an enhancement to its DataProtector development tool. Named the ‘Monetization Edition,’ this update introduces new functionalities empowering users to effectively manage and monetize their digital assets in the Web3 ecosystem.

Starting in 2016, iExec has led the way by providing advanced solutions with a focus on data security and user ownership. The revamped DataProtector ‘Monetize Version’ further showcases iExec’s commitment to creativity and progress, supplying developers with effective instruments to let users regain control over their digital possessions, such as data, content, and other assets in the decentralized applications (DApps). This improved feature empowers DApp users to fully leverage the monetization opportunities of their resources.

Simplifying the Development of DApps with Enhanced User Ownership and Monetization Control 

As a crypto investor, I’m excited to share that the latest upgrade to the iExec DataProtector developer tool introduces the DataProtectorSharing module from my perspective. This new addition broadens the toolkit with innovative Software Development Kits (SDKs), enabling simplified sharing, distribution, and monetization of digital assets. The transactions are ensured to be secure with Confidential Computing hardware encryption, and the data is orchestrated via iExec’s specialized DataProtectorSharing smart contract. Furthermore, monetization is streamlined through the use of RLC, iExec’s native cryptocurrency, ensuring secure and transparent transactions on the network.

The DataProtector ‘Monetize Version’ Puts DApp Users in Control of Their Data 

  • Ownership: Users can encrypt their data with ownership registered on the blockchain, ensuring they maintain control.
  • Sharing: Users can grant access to authorized apps and share data securely without exposure.
  • Monetization: Users have options to rent, sell, or bundle their digital assets in subscriptions, allowing flexibility in how they monetize.

With this upgrade, you can now monetize your digital assets in sophisticated ways, maximizing their value while preserving ownership and security. Through “safe data sharing,” you can grant access to authorized individuals without relinquishing ownership. Additionally, you have the ability to “rent out” assets for defined periods, generating income without losing control. The “secure selling” feature lets you transfer ownership to buyers, who gain full control at the blockchain level. Lastly, a “subscription bundle” offers access to carefully selected data collections for a given fee, providing another potential revenue stream. These flexible monetization methods empower Web3 users to fully leverage their digital assets’ worth while maintaining control and security.

“Gilles Fedak, iExec CEO, emphasizes that the DataProtector developer tool aligns seamlessly with our goal to enable Web3 users to maximally profit from their possessions. This tool empowers developers to build distinctive Web3 applications that prioritize user control, privacy, and monetization. It significantly enhances the Web3 experience and sets a trailblazing example in the decentralized economy.”

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about this upgrade because of its simplified method for sharing confidential data and earning RLC. Prearranged distribution channels are in place, enabling me to initiate smart contracts on my own terms. This eliminates the hassle of managing each transaction personally. The process effectively merges blockchain technology with Confidential Computing, employing Intel SGX Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) for end-to-end encrypted and secure data processing – even during computation.

Impact on the Web3 community

The latest “Monetize Version” of DataProtector development tools markedly enhances the Web3 community experience by fostering increased engagement and cooperation. This advancement encourages a more vibrant and collaborative environment, empowering users to effectively manage, exchange, and monetize their digital possessions with greater confidence. By nurturing a collaborative and innovative spirit, this tool plays a crucial role in driving the collective progression and vitality of the Web3 sphere.

About iExec

For Web3 developers holding the conviction that users should retain ownership of their data, iExec offers a solution. Through advanced decentralized development tools, iExec enables creators to construct Web3 applications that emphasize data ownership, confidentiality, and monetization.

Using clear and conversational language: iExec provides a secure environment for processing data by granting unobstructed access to Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) like Intel SGX and Confidential Computing. This setup guarantees the safety of data even from the nodes’ operators. Users retain full control over their information, deciding who can access it and for what reason. iExec further empowers data ownership through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), allowing users to monetize digital assets via sales, rentals, or subscriptions. The protocol integrates direct monetization for developers, rewarding them with RLC each time their app is utilized. iExec’s compatibility with common programming languages offers flexibility and robust security, making it an attractive choice for pioneering Web3 applications prioritizing privacy, ownership, and monetization.

As a developer or creator, you’re welcome to explore the iExec Developer Portal for comprehensive documentation and hands-on learning materials regarding the DataProtectorSharing module.

Developers and creators have the option to keep informed about the latest advancements and financing possibilities for their projects by following iExec on platform X.


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