INTERPOL: Extradition Papers Ready for Binance’s Anjarwalla

As an analyst with a background in financial crime and international law enforcement, I find the ongoing saga of Nadeem Anjarwalla’s extradition from Kenya to Nigeria for money laundering and tax evasion charges intriguing. The recent confirmation by Garba Umar, Vice-President of INTERPOL Africa, that they have completed the necessary paperwork to extradite Anjarwalla is a significant development in this case.

Following the completion of necessary procedures, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) in Africa has initiated extradition proceedings against Nadeem Anjarwalla, an executive from Binance Holdings Limited, who is currently on the run. This information was shared by Garba Umar, Vice-President of INTERPOL Africa, during his interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily show on April 30.

Umar announced that they are working with different governments to facilitate the return of Anjarwalla to Nigeria for a trial. A red notice has been issued for him, and relevant documents such as treaties and Memorandums of Understanding have been submitted.

Umar revealed that Interpol contacted various nations presumed to be Anjarwalla’s travel destinations, collecting details which unfortunately cannot be disclosed. While Umar did not explicitly state that Anjarwalla is currently in Kenya, he hinted that was the last known location of him.

Umar stated, “The last known destination I have on file for this individual when he left Nigeria was Kenya. I can assure you of that fact.”

Despite the fact that Nigerian authorities are in possession of his UK passport, it’s uncertain how Gambaryan managed to get on the plane. He currently stays outside the US, while Anjarwalla faced court. In response, Gambaryan’s spouse initiated a petition with over 4,000 signatures aiming to bring him back to the US.

As a crypto investor following the Nigerian market, I’ve been keeping track of recent developments. The bail hearing for Gambaryan is scheduled for May 17th. In early March, Binance made an announcement that they would cease Naira transactions and subsequently removed all Naira trading pairs from their peer-to-peer platform around late February.

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2024-05-01 16:05