Interview: MAG and Mantra team up to tokenize real estate assets valued at $500m

As a seasoned crypto investor with experience in both traditional real estate and digital asset markets, I’m excited about the partnership between UAE real estate developer MAG and Mantra to tokenize a $500 million real estate portfolio. This collaboration is a game-changer for real estate investment using blockchain technology.

MAG, a prominent real estate developer based in the UAE, has formed a partnership with Mantra (OM) to convert a $500 million worth of their property portfolio into digital tokens.

As a researcher studying the real estate market in the UAE, I can tell you that MAG is a prominent player in the industry with an impressive portfolio worth more than $5 billion. In an effort to disrupt traditional real estate investment approaches, they have partnered with Mantra to leverage blockchain technology and bring about a transformative change.

“Through the collaboration, a real estate financing solution will be integrated into Mantra’s compliance-ready Layer 1 blockchain platform, starting with Keturah Reserve, a luxurious residential project in Meydan, Dubai.”

Investors can look forward to attractive returns from the vault, which is backed by the secure technology of blockchain for an alternate asset class.

“Mantra’s real estate financing repository offers real estate developers an alternative and unconventional method for securing funds, distinct from their usual financing avenues in the real estate sector,” Stephen Peepels, General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer at Mantra shared in an interview with

“Investors outside the conventional real estate financing market, drawn to the product, can serve as financial backers. This opens up a fresh avenue for developers to tap into new sources of capital. Potentially, this could lead to a reduction in their long-term financing costs.” – Peepels.

Annual yields

As a financial analyst, I would describe it as follows: I estimate that investors parking their funds in the stablecoin vault are looking forward to earning around an 8% annual percentage yield. This return is set to be enhanced with the added benefit of holding $OM tokens.

“Peepels noted that the estimated 8% yield carries some degree of approximation. This figure is derived from the typical market interest rate for real estate majors seeking traditional debt financing – the rate at which a comparable developer would secure funding for a similar property type.”

The return on investment (ROI) from the $OM token is yet to be determined. This figure will be decided by Mag and Mantra during their interactions with prospective investors regarding the product, taking into account their feedback.

“Peepels mentioned that we will likely employ a well-established stablecoin to generate an approximately 8% return, yet the specifics regarding the final product and its timeline are still under consideration.”

Property tokenization

MAG and Mantra aim to launch tokenized versions of substantial real estate assets, beginning with well-established properties. Their inaugural project involves a prominent residential property appraised by the property developer itself.

“I’ll begin with the first vault, which is secured by a significant residential real estate asset. The value of this asset is assessed by the developer using market conditions familiar to all real estate investors and experts.”

When the worth of a property decreases, MAG and Mantra provide investor safeguards by issuing tokens for just a portion of the depreciated property’s market value. For instance, if an asset is valued at over $70 million, only $20 million will be tokenized, ensuring collateralization of more than three times its value. Additionally, MAG’s corporate credit adds an extra layer of security.

As a market analyst, I can assert that the combined value of transactions for tokenized real estate projects under Mantra and MAG stands at a robust $500 million. This significant figure underscores their leading role in the Middle Eastern market for tokenized real estate.

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2024-07-03 16:34