Moralis Adds Support For Polkadot’s Moonbeam Parachain

As a seasoned crypto investor and developer, I’m thrilled about Moralis adding support for Moonbeam Network on its Application Programming Interface (API). This collaboration will make it easier for developers to build projects for the Moonbeam ecosystem using Moralis APIs.

Moralis, a leading Web3 development platform, has expanded its offerings by integrating Moonbeam Network into its API. Moonbeam Network is now a supported destination for creating multi-chain applications within the Polkadot ecosystem.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about the upcoming integration of Moonbeam Network into Moralis APIs. This means that I’ll be able to develop projects within the Moonbeam ecosystem more efficiently and effectively. With this added support, I can leverage Moralis APIs to simplify complex tasks and streamline my development process.

Moralis Adds Moonbeam Network Support 

Moralis aims to assist developers in overcoming challenges encountered during the shift from centralized Web2 systems to decentralized blockchain applications by providing APIs. With Moralis APIs, developers can construct new projects or incorporate them into existing decentralized applications. Notable projects in the Web3 sector, such as MetaMask, Opera, and, utilize Moralis APIs. These APIs are also cross-chain compatible, allowing developers to create dApps on their preferred chains.

Through the integration with Moralis, Moonbeam developers gain access to a complete suite of APIs. This means they can easily add wallet functionalities using Moralis’ Wallet API and retrieve detailed token price information, NFTs, transactions, on-chain activities in real-time, user engagement metrics, market insights, and trend data. Additionally, this partnership broadens the reach of Polkadot as developers from various blockchain networks can now integrate Moonbeam support for their decentralized applications via Moralis.

As a Polkadot ecosystem analyst, I can tell you that Moonbeam simplifies the shift for Ethereum developers by providing them with recognizable tools and seamless integrations.

Streamlining Development Of Top-Tier dApps 

Ivan Liljeqvist, CEO of Moralis, stated that this integration would simplify the process of building superior dApps within the broader cryptocurrency community. Users and developers would thus benefit from a top-notch platform and advanced APIs.

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re introducing support for the Moonbeam network. With Moonbeam and Moralis, you’ll have access to a top-tier platform for developing decentralized applications (dapps), accompanied by premium APIs designed to simplify the entire development process. I can’t wait to witness the incredible projects that will emerge from this collaboration.

The head of operations at Moonbeam emphasized the significance of the partnership for developers, explaining that it would provide valuable assistance to those who share Moonbeam’s goal of building a cohesive Web3 infrastructure.

“Moonbeam is thrilled to collaborate with Moralis on integrating their APIs. This alliance broadens possibilities for our developers and strengthens our commitment to fostering a vibrant Web3 community, in line with Moonbeam’s mission. Working with the Moralis team on this integration has been a pleasure, and we warmly welcome them as official members of the Moonbeam family.”

In 2022, Moralis succesfully garnered $40 million through a Series A funding round, with investment from prominent backers like Coinbase Ventures among others. Since then, Moralis’ API has gained traction among some of the most influential players in the Web3 community.

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2024-05-03 10:12