NiceHash Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Bitcoin Conference in Maribor

As a crypto investor with a strong interest in Bitcoin and experience in attending various industry events, I’m genuinely excited about the upcoming NiceHashX conference in Maribor, Slovenia. The opportunity to gain unparalleled access to a unique entry point into the European crypto market is an enticing prospect.

Industry-leading PoW hashrate marketplace, NiceHash, is set to organize the first Bitcoin conference in Maribor, Slovenia. This significant event is scheduled for November 8-9, 2024, marking NiceHashX’s ten-year anniversary.

The conference intends to showcase Maribor and Slovenia as prominent players in the cryptocurrency business sector, providing a valuable access point to Europe‘s crypto market. Boasting over a thousand businesses in Slovenia that accept Bitcoin as payment, this event will also spotlight local firms actively utilizing this technology.

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— NiceHash X (@NiceHash_X) May 13, 2024

Spotlight on Local Enterprises

The conference will showcase a range of educational programs and areas highlighting local Maribor businesses leveraging Bitcoin technology. Vladimir Hozjan, NiceHash’s CEO, is thrilled about the event’s potential impact on Bitcoin acceptance. He stated, “We’re eager to welcome the global community to explore how Slovenia is paving the path for European Bitcoin adoption.”

As a analyst, I would rephrase that sentence as follows: I will have the opportunity to observe how Bitcoin is integrated into everyday life by regular people, and I’ll gain insights from distinguished industry experts during the event.

In the upcoming NiceHashX 2024 event, an illustrious group of speakers will take the stage. Among them are Saifedean Ammous, renowned for his book “The Bitcoin Standard,” ex-Cointelegraph journalist Joe Hall (also known as Nakamoto), Martin Kuchař, CEO of BTC Prague conference, and Jameson Lopp, CTO of CASA.

Topics for the discussions include:

Furthermore, NiceHash has unveiled a trial Bitcoin payment system in collaboration with local businesses. This feature will be showcased at the upcoming conference and across Maribor city. This move underscores NiceHash’s dedication to promoting Bitcoin adoption and enhancing its network.

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