Once Dubbed As A “Traitor”, Snowden To Share Stage With Trump

As an analyst, I find it fascinating how politics and technology intersect in unexpected ways. The announcement that former U.S. President Donald Trump and whistleblower Edward Snowden will be key speakers at the Bitcoin 2024 Nashville event is a classic example of this intersection.

In the realm of politics, there’s no such thing as unchanging alliances or adversaries. Remarkably, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and Edward Snowden, a former intelligence contractor turned whistleblower, will appear together as featured speakers at the Bitcoin 2024 conference in Nashville.

Interestingly, this marks the first occasion that Trump will appear on the same platform as Snowden, whom he previously denounced as a “traitor” and a “spy deserving of execution,” back in 2013. However, Trump’s stance has evolved significantly since then, and prior to the upcoming US presidential elections, he is reportedly seeking the backing of approximately 50 million American crypto holders.

From the 25th to the 27th of July, 2024, the Bitcoin conference spanning over three days will take place at Music City Centre in Nashville, Tennessee. This highly-anticipated event is set to draw in crypto enthusiasts and prominent figures from the global industry.

The organizers of Bitcoin Inc’s event have announced that both Trump and Snowden have been confirmed as headline speakers. It is likely, though, that Snowden’s talk will be conducted remotely due to his ongoing legal battles in the United States.

Among the notable figures giving speeches are comedian Russell Brand, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Junior, as well as tech and finance influencers such as Cathie Wood, Michael Saylor, and Bill Maher IV.

Snowden’s Journey

As a researcher examining the events surrounding Edward Snowden, I can recount that he was previously employed by the National Security Agency (NSA) as an intelligence contractor in the United States. In the year 2013, feeling compelled to expose an unlawful mass surveillance program orchestrated by the U.S. government against its own citizens, Snowden chose to escape to Hong Kong and subsequently Russia, where he revealed these secrets. Due to his whistleblowing actions, Snowden was indicted on espionage and treason charges in the United States and spent the subsequent 10 years in exile. In 2022, Snowden’s application for Russian citizenship through naturalization was granted.

For the past decade, Snowden has become a strong advocate for data privacy and speaks out against technology being used for unlawful surveillance and spying. Furthermore, his fascination with cryptocurrencies has grown over time, and he recently disclosed that he is among the founders of the privacy coin Zcash. Additionally, Snowden has supported maintaining privacy in Bitcoin’s protocols, keeping the interests of stakeholders in mind. In 2023, Snowden was a featured speaker at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, where he addressed the attendees virtually.

It’s unlikely that Snowden will physically be present at the Bitcoin 2024 Nashville conference, given that the organizers haven’t confirmed his attendance. However, it’s strongly suggested that he will participate remotely instead.

Trump’s flip-flops on Snowden

In 2013, Edward Snowden disclosed classified information about extensive surveillance operations conducted by the US and UK governments. At that time, Donald Trump expressed his disapproval towards Snowden on Twitter, labeling him as a “traitor” and suggesting he face the death penalty for being a “spy.”

In the past, during the 2017 United States presidential elections, Trump prepared to face off against Hillary Clinton and ultimately secured the victory, becoming the 45th president of the country. By the year 2020, President Trump expressed a more lenient view towards Snowden and considered granting him a pardon. However, despite this intention, he was unable to do so before being replaced by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2021 presidential elections.

In the year 2024, Trump finds himself once more at the forefront of presidential campaigns, representing the Republican party. He’s made it clear that he’s a strong advocate for the crypto sector and has publicly expressed his desire for minimal regulations within the industry.

Trump is planned to appear at the Bitcoin 2024 Nashville conference, aiming to gain favor with the attendees.

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