Pi Network Advances Toward Open Mainnet with 12M KYC Verified Users

As a crypto investor with experience in the Pi Network ecosystem, I’m thrilled to witness the significant progress being made toward transitioning to an Open Network Mainnet. The expanding user base and application development are clear indicators of the platform’s potential in the Web3 space.

Pi Network is making great progress in transforming into a decentralized mainnet, as indicated by the increasing number of verified users through Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and the addition of functional Pi applications. This advancement highlights Pi Network’s growing potential within the Web3 ecosystem.

Growth in User Base and App Development 

As a crypto investor in June 2024, I’m excited to note that Pi Network has surpassed 12 million verified users and over half of them have migrated to the Mainnet. Furthermore, there are now 70 functional applications within the ecosystem, some already live on Mainnet while others are preparing for launch.

As an analyst, I’m excited to share that the Pioneer community has surpassed a significant milestone with over 60 million engaged members as of now. This impressive growth includes more than 12 million KYC-verified pioneers. Additionally, the number of pioneers stands at approximately 5.79 billion.

— #PiWhales 🐳 (@PiWhales) June 29, 2024

Dr. Chengdiao Fan, co-founder of Pi Network, expressed her excitement about the community’s significant contributions to their accomplishments. “Our journey towards an Open Network is fueled by the combined efforts of Pi community members worldwide,” she emphasized. The recent advancements were announced during Pi Network’s annual Pi2Day event, a celebration of the platform’s current successes and future possibilities.

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, one of our co-founders, emphasized the technological breakthroughs that fueled this expansion. “Through meticulous trials, continuous enhancements, and multiple revisions, our team has enabled several improvements in Mainnet transition, KYC process, and other essential blockchain elements such as the Pi Node,” he elaborated.

These enhancements are crucial as Pi Network gets ready for more migrations and advances its Mainnet Node functionalities during the year 2024.

The Pi Network’s user base has grown significantly from 45 million to over 60 million active participants globally within the past year. This expansion highlights the strong engagement and continuous development of the community. Recent additions like the Fireside Forum, a social media application based on Web3 technology, and the Pi Ad Network, which utilizes the network’s extensive user base and verified identities to boost interactions, are contributing to an enriching user experience within the Pi Network.

As Pi Network progresses towards an operative Open Network by 2024, these developments pave the way for enhanced functionality and greater interaction among its international user community.

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2024-06-29 20:52