Rich Dad poor Dad author Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin $350,000 by August

As a researcher with a background in finance and economics, I have closely followed Robert Kiyosaki’s career and opinions on investing, economy, politics, and education. His recent prediction of $350,000 for Bitcoin by August 2024, though likely speculative and tongue-in-cheek, is a reflection of his deep concern about the current state of politics and finance in the US and around the world.

Famous finance writer, businessman, and millionaire-turned-billionaire Robert Kiyosaki made an assertion that Bitcoin could reach $350,000 by August 2024 in a recent post. While his prediction may have been made with a hint of humor, Kiyosaki shared valuable insights for potential investors.

Robert Kiyosaki is renowned for his bluntness and straight-forward approach when discussing investing, economic matters, politics, and education. His opinions are candid and unfiltered.

The Kiyosaki rant

I analyzed a post on X made on Wednesday, where the author expressed strong opinions about Bitcoin’s future price movement. For August this year, they predicted an amazing increase in Bitcoin’s value. They attributed their bold forecast to what they perceived as the incompetence of US political and financial leaders.

Initially, regarding Kiyosaki’s somewhat extravagant forecast of Bitcoin reaching $350,000 by August this year, he acknowledged that it was merely “speculation,” a figure he held as a “target, a dream, and a wish.” Nevertheless, he disclosed that his unwavering belief in the rising prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana compelled him to continue purchasing these cryptocurrencies.

Kiyosaki’s self-assuredness regarding price increases for certain assets stems from his belief in the supposed incompetence of President Biden, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. He refers to this trio with a disrespectful nickname, “the 3-Stooges,” implying doubts about their capabilities in their respective roles.

Kiyosaki concludes his discourse by urging investors to consider purchasing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, in addition to gold and silver.

Kiyosaki knows how to use social media

It’s quite extraordinary to propose that Bitcoin could hit $350,000 by August, an idea put forward by Kiyosaki with full awareness of its implausibility. However, his primary intention isn’t to sensationalize but to guide investors. He emphasizes the importance of investing in assets not tied to the monetary system, which he suggests is manipulated by political and financial elites.

According to him, the actions of the “Three Stooges” on the policies will likely result in more economic and political collapse. Whether this assessment is accurate or not remains to be seen, as opinions may vary and only time and the unfolding events can provide definitive answers.

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2024-06-06 12:07