Solana Memecoin Mew Debuts on Telegram Courtesy of Pixelverse

As an analyst with extensive experience in the crypto and blockchain industry, I’m excited about the recent development between Pixelverse and Telegram Open Network (TON). The transportation of Solana’s beloved meme character, Mew, to Telegram is a groundbreaking move that demonstrates the power of cross-chain collaborations.

In an unprecedented maneuver, the Web3 gaming platform Pixelverse has successfully transferred one of Solana’s beloved memes from its native ecosystem to Telegram. This operation was facilitated with the collaboration of Mew’s creators but marks a significant milestone as it brings a primary character from the Solana universe to the Telegram platform for the first time.

Mew, the feline mascot of the Solana cryptocurrency named after it, is set to make its entrance into Telegram’s mini-games offered by Pixelverse. This cross-chain alliance is expected to be advantageous for both parties, showcasing Solana’s role in creating enduring meme characters and introducing a recognizable figure from the TON community.

Mew Prepares to Meet Doge

In simpler terms, when Mew token integrates into Pixelverse, it’s not the actual token that moves, but only its intellectual property. The Mew character, depicted as an adventurous cat, will instead be reborn in Pixelverse’s mini-games, joining popular figures like Doge of Dogecoin.

Pixelverse hit the jackpot with its mini-games, offering an ideal format at a perfectly timed moment. In the initial month following their debut on Telegram, over 50 million users gave these games a try. Leveraging Telegram’s massive user base of hundreds of millions, including a significant number of crypto enthusiasts, contributed to this impressive turnout.

As a crypto investor, I’ve been impressed by Pixelverse’s ability to resonate with gamers and capture the interest of venture capitalists. Last month, this web3 entertainment studio successfully closed a $5.5M seed funding round, attracting heavyweights like Delphi Ventures and Merit Circle. Known for their bullish stance on web3 gaming, these investors have recognized the potential in Pixelverse’s innovative approach.

TON Takes Off

As an analyst, I’ve noticed an impressive surge in activity on Telegram Open Network (TON) lately. The number of active wallet addresses has seen a significant increase since April. One factor contributing to this growth is Telegram’s introduction of ad revenue sharing, which pays out TON as rewards. This new feature has attracted more creators and influencers to the TON ecosystem, thereby increasing overall engagement. Moreover, April was an exceptionally productive month for TON, with USDT launching on its decentralized network. This development brought the stablecoin to a vast audience of hundreds of millions of users.

Telegram’s integration of TON into its messaging platform represents how social media giants like X and Meta might have evolved had they pursued crypto and blockchain more substantially. While Meta’s efforts to launch a stablecoin were thwarted by regulatory intervention, and Elon Musk seems to have shifted his focus away from cryptocurrency, Telegram has stealthily advanced in this realm, making it the go-to communication hub for the crypto community.

Tap-to-Earn Takes Over

One explanation for TON‘s growing popularity is the emergence of what some call “Tap-to-Earn” games, where players are compensated for accomplishing certain tasks. Pixelverse and Notcoin have been pioneers in this area, offering rewards that motivate users to stay involved and frequently use their preferred apps and games.

As an analyst, I can say that Mew’s upcoming debut on Telegram is a significant development for TON and Pixelverse. If the integration goes smoothly, we may witness the arrival of more meme characters in Telegram’s mini-games.

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2024-07-03 17:48