Stride and Namada Partners To Enhance Data Privacy for Liquid Staked Assets

As a crypto investor with a strong belief in the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) and data privacy, I see this partnership between Stride and Namada as a game-changer. The ability to earn staking rewards on my Cosmos tokens while maintaining enhanced data privacy through Namada’s shielded pool is an attractive proposition.

I’m excited to share that Stride, a prominent player in the Cosmos/IBC ecosystem for liquid staking protocols, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Namada, a blockchain project specializing in multichain shielded asset protection. The goal of this collaboration is to deliver top-tier data privacy to users of Stride’s liquid staked tokens (LSTs).

Stride LST owners can now take advantage of Namada’s secure, multi-asset protected pool (MASP) through integration, granting them increased data privacy. By concealing their LSTs, users simultaneously earn NAM tokens as incentives for supporting Namada’s shielded network.

As a crypto investor, I find the technology offered by Namada particularly intriguing. With this platform, I can securely hold and trade shielded tokens and NFTs while retaining full control over my personal data. This feature is not limited to transactions on transparent blockchains but also applies when creating new accounts. In simpler terms, I can enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies without compromising my privacy.

As a researcher investigating Stride’s Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), I can share that these tokens offer a unique advantage: they qualify for not only staking rewards, but also NAM (Network Access Model) shielding rewards. This dual benefit enables users to generate income from their Cosmos tokens while simultaneously ensuring robust data protection.

As aanalyst, I would express it this way: In a recent press release, I, John Galt, a contributor to Stride, explained how the collaboration between Namada and Stride will yield beneficial synergy. By employing Stride’s Long-Term Staking (LTS), users can simultaneously earn staking rewards on their Cosmos tokens and take advantage of Namada’s shielded pool to collect NAM shielding rewards.

Zero-Knowledge Tech Powers Enhanced Security

I, Namada, utilize zero-knowledge circuit technology in my MASP, providing functionality comparable to Zcash. However, I offer a unique edge by supporting any type of asset class. This capability empowers me to safeguard data for various blockchain networks and decentralized apps, enabling confidential cross-chain transactions. Furthermore, the more assets secured within my network, the stronger its security becomes, motivating users to join and strengthen the shielded environment.

In the realm of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), staked tokens play a pivotal role, yet historically, these tokens have been limited in their application to other DeFi platforms. Liquidity Staking Tokens (LSTs) address this issue by enabling users to accrue staking rewards concurrently with utilizing their tokens as collateral. This feature makes Stride’s LSTs an excellent fit for Namada’s protected ecosystem. Users can reap the benefits of both staking incentives and potential NAM rewards, all while safeguarding their assets within Namada’s shielded environment.

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2024-05-30 15:33