Terra Luna Classic Upgrade Drives LUNC Price Up by 7%

As an analyst with extensive experience in the blockchain industry, I’m thrilled to see Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) successfully complete its crucial upgrade, dubbed rebel-2. This upgrade is a significant step forward for the network, introducing key elements like SDK v0.47 and wasmd v0.45 aimed at improving system efficiency and performance.

The Terra Luna Classic blockchain underwent a significant update, referred to as “rebel-2,” which boosted the value of LUNC by 7%. This enhancement not only increased system efficiency and performance but also introduced new tools, such as SDK version 0.47 and wasmd version 0.45. These upgrades aim to optimize network functions.

Terra Luna Classic Upgrade Drives LUNC Price Up by 7%

Expert: Fragwuerdig, the developer, noted that the update, which included minor adjustments by @ColeStrathclyde, went smoothly. After the update was implemented, there has been a greater need for RAM in preparation for the upcoming mainnet upgrade aimed at enhancing network scalability.

The accomplished upgrade led to a 7% price increase for Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), now valued at $0.0001035, and boasting a market capitalization of $582,245,216. This growth underscores the faith investors have placed in LUNC and the progress being made by Terra Luna Classic.

In the future, Terra Luna Classic aims to eliminate 800 million Uniswap Token (USTC) and goes on refining its features with Mantlemint. The endorsement from Binance, which involves the incineration of 1.4 billion LUNC tokens, underscores the industry’s confidence in Terra Luna Classic’s expansion.

Investors are bullish about Terra Luna Classic’s future prospects, buoyed by its recent upgrade and continuous advancements. Notable developments include the upcoming USTC burn and collaborations with Mantlemint to expand functionality.

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2024-05-03 08:20