The best crypto apps for beginners in 2024

Uncover top-notch cryptocurrency applications tailored for newcomers, such as Binance, Bybit, eToro, Coinbase, and Kraken.

For individuals new to the world of cryptocurrencies, selecting an appropriate platform is essential to embark on a successful digital asset journey. Frequently, this query arises: Which crypto applications are ideal for beginners?

In this piece, we will provide insights into the world of beginner-friendly crypto applications by exploring some top options currently available. These platforms not only boast user-friendly designs and affordable transaction costs but also prioritize robust security features, ensuring a seamless and secure trading journey for new crypto investors.


The best crypto apps for beginners in 2024

Beginners seeking user-friendly cryptocurrency apps can start their search with Binance, which currently holds the largest trading volume among platforms according to statistics. Furthermore, Binance attracts a substantial number of weekly visitors as indicated by data from CoinMarketCap.

According to the latest data from Coingecko, Binance accounted for approximately 49.7% of the total trading volume among centralized cryptocurrency exchanges during March. This equated to over $1.1 trillion worth of spot trades being executed on the platform during that month.

The platform offers a compatible application for download on Android and iOS devices, with accessibility extended to users in nearly all international locations.

Despite halting its operations in Canada and the United Kingdom due to regulatory issues, Binance continues to function in the US through its subsidiary, Binance.US. However, the range of cryptocurrencies available for trading on this platform is more restricted compared to the global Binance version.

The platform boasts an intuitive interface with a designated area called “Binance Square” for beginners to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency, and an advanced version for skilled traders. However, it’s important to note that users are required to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedure before they can utilize the crypto exchange. Additionally, the platform implements a two-factor authentication (2FA) system to safeguard funds.

As a market analyst, I’d put it this way: I use Binance for my trading activities, and I’ve noticed their exchange rates and fees begin at a competitive 0.1% for spot transactions. Plus, an added benefit is the ability to swap between over 500 cryptocurrencies without incurring any costs.

An extra benefit is that investors can transact in Bitcoin (BTC) during promotional periods with no fees attached. Newcomers even receive trading fee discounts in the form of vouchers.


  • Over 500 crypto tokens are accessible
  • Swapping tokens is free
  • Minimal spot trading fees
  • Developed and robust NFT marketplace
  • Copy trading
  • Supports margin and future trading 


  • Restricted in some countries.


As a seasoned analyst, I would describe ByBit as an impressive crypto trading application for newcomers in the market. It provides various trading options along with approximately 150 derivatives contracts. Based on Coingecko’s data, ByBit boasts over 460 coins and 551 trading pairs. The platform’s 24-hour trading volumes can reach astounding heights of $3.2 trillion.

The best crypto apps for beginners in 2024

On ByBit, the trading fee is as minimal as 0.1% for spot transactions, while VIP users enjoy reduced fees that decrease further with increased trading activity.

The crypto exchange doesn’t enforce KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures for all users, but rather it’s an optional measure based on the specific features a user intends to access and their geographical location. Much like Binance, ByBit implements 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an additional security layer for its customer base.

For newcomers accustomed to the app’s user interface, crypto trading through ByBit is relatively uncomplicated. Additionally, ByBit offers options such as buying and selling cryptocurrencies through specific decentralized finance (DeFi) practices like mining and yield farming. There are numerous other features available as well.

Additionally, it provides the feature of copy trading, which is particularly valuable for novice investors. By utilizing copy trading, an investor can mimic the trading strategies of proficient traders.

The crypto trading app offers various options for depositing both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. These include transferring funds from digital wallets, moving funds between exchanges, utilizing fiat payment processors, using credit or debit cards, and accessing over-the-counter (OTC) trading services for large fiat and crypto transactions.


  • Has a learning platform for beginners
  • Support on both iOS and Android
  • Can trade selected coins and acquire APY
  • Available built-in wallet and NFT backup


  • The user experience can be cumbersome for beginners
  • Restricted in some countries. 


For newcomers to the world of trading apps, eToro is another great option to explore. Its user-friendly interface and diverse range of high-quality trading tools make it an attractive choice. Additionally, eToro excels in social trading and functions as a versatile platform for those wishing to engage in various markets such as stocks, shares, ETFs, and bonds.

The best crypto apps for beginners in 2024

As a crypto investor, I find the eToro app to be an invaluable tool, conveniently accessible on both Android and iOS devices. The interface is user-friendly and designed to eliminate confusion. There are three main tabs: one for monitoring my portfolio, another for discovering potential new investments, and a third for tracking market trends through an intuitive graph.

Additionally, the system features a stand-alone, mobile-exclusive application named eToro Money. This app facilitates instant deposits and withdrawals without incurring any foreign exchange fees when making deposits.

Based on Coingecko’s information, this cryptocurrency trading platform provides investors with access to more than 100 different crypto and NFT assets for potential investment. Similar to Binance, Coingecko includes a “learning” section designed to help newcomers understand the crypto industry.

As an analyst, I would explain it this way: When using eToro’s trading platform, you’ll be charged a fee of 1% for each listed asset transaction. Additionally, there is a withdrawal fee of 2% when transferring funds from the investment platforms back to your eTrora wallet. Similar to ByBit, eToro offers copy trading as a feature for novice traders, allowing them to follow and replicate the actions of expert traders.

For regulatory compliance and enhanced security reasons, eToro users are needed to go through Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Additionally, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) safeguards have been implemented to secure users’ finances.

As a researcher examining the deposit methods provided by eToro, I can share that this platform offers various convenient options for funding both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Users can opt for bank transfers, debit or credit cards, popular online payment systems like PayPal, or even directly deposit crypto into their eToro wallets.


  • Over 3,000 investable traditional assets and 100+ crypto and NFT assets
  • One percent fee for crypto purchases
  • Copy trading
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Remarkable mobile interface
  • Social and investor inclination


  • Minimized technical review tools for intra-day crypto traders
  • Limited staking options (Only offers staking for Tron and Cardano.)
  • 10% fee is charged for dormant accounts with zero logins in 12 months.


For individuals trading altcoins, Coinbase offers unlimited fiat currency support, making it an ideal choice. This platform caters to traders of all experience levels, featuring a user-friendly interface that is accessible for beginners. Additionally, Coinbase provides educational resources for new crypto investors, enabling them to participate in online courses and become familiar with blockchain technology. As a bonus, learners are given free cryptocurrency to enhance their understanding.

The best crypto apps for beginners in 2024

As a crypto investor, I use a trading platform that offers me access to over 240 different cryptocurrencies, ranging from well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), all the way to newer alternatives such as Dogecoin (DOGE). In terms of fees, this investment app charges me around 0.5% to 4.5%, which varies depending on the transaction size for spot trades. Additionally, it provides a beginner-friendly crypto wallet for securely storing my digital assets.

To utilize the app’s features, it’s necessary to go through a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. During this process, you’ll need to share some personal data such as your full names and valid identification documents like ID cards or passports. Similar to many other widely-used crypto applications, two-factor authentication (2FA) is implemented in Coinbase for added security.

As a researcher examining the features of this crypto trading app, I’ve discovered that it offers several options for funding your cryptocurrency purchases. You can utilize PayPal for transactions, though this is only available within the United States. Additionally, bank account transfers are another option, but they too are restricted to users based in the U.S. Lastly, you may also deposit funds using credit or debit cards.


  • Publicly listed on the U.S. stock exchanges
  • Different apps for purchasing and trading crypto
  • Receive crypto for taking up learning courses


  • Extra spot trading fees
  • Minimal trading features for professional investors


As a cryptocurrency market analyst, I can tell you that Kraken is a leading platform where I can trade over 230 different digital assets. Among these are well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as decentralized finance (DeFi) coins such as Uniswap (UNI) and Chainlink (CHAIN). Using the user-friendly Kraken app, investors like myself can easily execute transactions without incurring additional fees for standard transfers. Moreover, the spot trading fees for listed coins through the app vary between 0% and 0.26%.

The best crypto apps for beginners in 2024

Just like many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken implements Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols to adhere to regulatory standards and ensure the safety of all platform features. Additionally, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available for users to securely safeguard their funds.

The platform offers continuous customer service around the clock, in addition to supplying ample educational resources for novice investors to acclimate to the website.


  • Quick and free transactions
  • All day and night, customer support
  • Provide evidence of its funds
  • Amazing learning resources


  • Minimal options for cryptocurrencies are accessible compared to other trading applications.

Comparing the best crypto investment apps for beginners

Crypto AppListed TokensSpot Trading FeesNumber of Countries AcceptedAndroid and iOS SupportKYC 
Bybit460+0.1%UndisclosedBothYes, but not for all features
Coinbase240+0.5- 4.5%100+Both Yes

Features to look for in crypto apps

For a new investor in the crypto market, it’s crucial to carefully consider several non-negotiable factors when choosing a cryptocurrency application. Neglecting these aspects could potentially result in significant financial losses in this unpredictable realm.

For those new to buying cryptocurrency, here are some important aspects to take into account when selecting the most suitable app for your needs.


As a researcher in the crypto field, I cannot stress enough the importance of being cautious when it comes to handling your funds in this rapidly growing industry. With increasing popularity and mass adoption, there are inherent risks that beginners must be aware of. One crucial aspect is ensuring the security measures provided by the crypto platform you choose to use. If the app does not offer two-factor authentication (2FA) or fails to adhere to regulatory requirements, it would be prudent to reconsider investing through such a platform.

Number of coins listed

For newcomers to crypto trading, it’s essential to choose user-friendly apps with an extensive range of available coins. Nonetheless, keep in mind that certain cryptocurrencies may face regulatory issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to verify the legal status of these digital assets in your specific location before engaging in any transactions.

Ease of use

The ease of use of an app is crucial for its convenience, particularly for those new to crypto, as the world of cryptocurrency can be intricate. Hence, it’s inappropriate to complicate matters further by introducing unconventional app interface designs for crypto beginners.

Efficient support

An ideal crypto investment application offers uninterrupted assistance around the clock to resolve any concerns for its users. Newcomers particularly benefit from a responsive and knowledgeable customer service team to clarify queries regarding deposit or withdrawal processes. Opting for a crypto trading platform with top-notch support is always a wise choice.

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