The University of Zurich seals an academic partnership with Meta Pool

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and a strong interest in decentralized organizations, I am thrilled to witness the groundbreaking partnership between Meta Pool DAO and the Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich. This alliance represents a significant step forward in expanding cryptocurrency industry knowledge within the Latin American communities and marks the first time a European university has collaborated with a DAO.

Meta Pool, a decentralized autonomous organization specializing in multi-chain liquid staking, has recently announced a partnership with the Blockchain Center of the University of Zurich. This collaboration will provide students from Latin America with an opportunity to delve into the crypto industry through studies and education offered at the University of Zurich’s Blockchain Center.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited to be part of this groundbreaking collaboration between a European university and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This is the first instance of a higher education institution in Europe forming a partnership with a DAO, making history in the crypto space. Our goal is to broaden the horizons of knowledge surrounding cryptocurrencies within Latin American communities through this joint initiative.

I, along with my co-founder at Meta Pool DAO, firmly believe that blockchain mass adoption will commence in frontier markets. To bring education to our region and foster immersive learning experiences, we have initiated the Summer School program at the University of Zurich.

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is characterized by the very principles it upholds: transparency in its operations, open participation for all members, and a strong commitment to social responsibility.

The University of Zurich’s Blockchain Center is spearheading various projects to foster expertise in the cryptocurrency sector across Europe.

Previous projects included “Exploring the Depths of Blockchain: A Summer Immersion” and the “Certificado Avanzado de Estudios (CAS) en Bloqueo de Cadena.”

The University of Zurich’s Blockchain Research Center is a pioneering academic hub, dedicated to exploring interdisciplinary knowledge and innovation in the realm of blockchain technology. Established several years ago, this center has become a pivotal nexus for collaboration between universities, businesses, and government bodies. Its primary objective is to foster a profound grasp of distributed trust systems through rigorous research and education.

Meta Pool’s previous initiatives

Meta Pool functions as a platform enabling users to engage in the staking mechanism of cryptocurrencies without sacrificing the flexibility of their assets. It accomplishes this through its innovative design which interacts with the protocols of NEAR, Ethereum, Solana, Aurora, and Q Network.

The DAO is actively involved in various endeavors aimed at fostering education and cryptocurrency growth on a global scale.

Meta Pool recently introduced the initial fund specifically designed to foster growth for cryptocurrency initiatives situated in emerging economies.

The goal of the fund was to offer entrepreneurs in Latin America a chance to cultivate and launch their crypto project ideas. This endeavor was executed via a grants program called mpDAO Grants, which has recently finished its sixth financing phase.

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2024-05-13 12:36