Waves coin price prediction for 2024: analysis

As a researcher with experience in the crypto market, I’ve closely followed the developments surrounding Waves (WAVES) and its recent price drop. The coin has seen a significant decline in value, dropping 40% in just the last week, trading now at around $1.40.

The value of Waves cryptocurrency has plummeted by nearly 40% over the past week. To gain some insight into the potential future direction of Waves’ price, let’s examine the key influencing factors.

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What is Waves, and why is Waves falling?

Waves (WAVES) is a blockchain platform that enables users to effortlessly issue their own digital tokens and develop decentralized applications (dApps). Established in 2016, it gained significant traction between 2021 and 2022, reaching an all-time peak price of $61. The surge in popularity can be attributed to the platform providing higher returns for users who stake USDN, its native stablecoin.

In the same year, the USDN cryptocurrency failed to maintain its peg to the US dollar, leading to instability and unfavorable reactions towards the project. It is said that Waves sold approximately $130 million in USDN to pay off debts, subsequently introducing a new stablecoin named XTN as a replacement. This move resulted in USDN depositors losing around $500 million in value. The price of Waves plummeted and has yet to regain its footing since then.

As a researcher, I’ve come across an announcement made by Binance on June 3rd that they would be delisting Waves from their exchange. This news brought about more unfavorable publicity and sentiment towards the coin, resulting in a significant drop in value. The price of Waves is currently trading at around $1.40, representing a 40% decrease in value over the last few days. The recent history of Waves crypto news has predominantly been negative.

Waves crypto price prediction 2024-2025

As a crypto investor, I’ve noticed that the Waves price hasn’t been doing well lately. With one PR crisis piling up after another, the project has faced significant headwinds. Adding to my concerns is the repeated mishandling of business affairs by the Waves team. These issues have left me uncertain about any potential recovery in the near future.

As an analyst, I’ve noticed a significant loss of trust towards the team due to their decision to sell off USDN tokens, resulting in users losing their deposits while the team gained profits. This mistrust is further compounded by the recent delisting of Waves from Binance, which will significantly reduce its liquidity. Consequently, traders may experience larger spreads or slippage when buying or selling Waves, making transactions more challenging.

Despite what was previously stated, the value of the project remains valid. In technical terms, Waves and Ethereum serve similar purposes, but Waves sets itself apart by eliminating transaction fees for network functions.

Waves gained significant attention partly because of anticipation that it could significantly contribute to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Web3 industries. Nevertheless, in the short term, Waves faces challenges such as a plummeting price, removal from Binance exchange, and widespread belief that its financial management has been subpar, making it harder for the project to maintain its position.

Waves crypto price prediction 2030

By the year 2030, the cost scenario for Waves could undergo significant changes. At present, the fate of the Waves cryptocurrency hinges entirely on whether the team behind it can successfully bounce back from recent setbacks and realize their ambition of challenging Ethereum and other decentralized applications networks in the Web3 space.

Some people believe that Binance removed Waves from its platform due to heightened regulatory pressure on Binance, Waves, and the crypto market as a whole. With allegations of Waves team members selling large quantities of their tokens and abandoning their stablecoin, leaving investors with significant losses, regulators may intensify their scrutiny of projects like Waves by 2030. This increased focus could potentially decrease the price and even threaten the long-term success of the project.

Does Waves crypto have a future?

As a researcher studying the cryptocurrency market, I can’t make an accurate price prediction for Waves that is so far removed from the present day. However, I can share some insights based on the current state of affairs. The project holds significant fundamental value due to its usefulness, which could potentially help turn things around for Waves if managed effectively. On the other hand, any repeated missteps or increased regulatory scrutiny could pose a serious threat and potentially lead to the downfall of this Ethereum challenger.

In order to stay competitive and functional, Waves must convince investors of its commitment to safeguarding their investments. Additionally, it’s essential for Waves to identify unique selling points that set it apart from established Web3 decentralized application (dApp) networks like Ethereum and Cardano.

As a researcher studying the cryptocurrency market, I’ve observed that the value of Waves has dropped significantly since its all-time high and is currently hovering around the 97% mark. When it first emerged in 2016, it started trading at $1.26. If the price falls below this initial trading price, the psychological impact could exacerbate the negative sentiment surrounding the 8-year-old project.

When a project with strong foundations experiences a price decrease, some investors will view it as an opportunity to purchase at a supposedly discounted rate, momentarily stabilizing the price. The Relative Strength Index for WAVES suggests that the asset is currently oversold, implying that more traders could soon enter the market and buy WAVES, potentially driving up its price again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is waves crypto falling

The removal of Waves (WAVES) from Binance’s listing could be the reason for its recent price drop. This action by the prominent exchange might signal a lack of faith and, as a consequence, reduced the coin’s liquidity in the market.

Will Waves coin price go up or down?

It’s uncertain which direction the cryptocurrency WAVES will move. Proponents argue for its potential based on the lower pricing and robust technical features. Conversely, detractors believe that the questionable leadership undermines any technical superiority.

Does Waves crypto have a future?

Historically, Waves was known for its strong reputation within the Web3 decentralized application (dApp) network. However, more recently, its standing has taken a hit, potentially raising concerns about its prospects moving forward.

Is Waves crypto a good investment?

Currently, the value of Waves has dropped 97% from its peak and decreased by 40% within the last week. This price level is close to reaching the record low for the project’s 8-year history. Despite crypto’s reputation for volatility, investing in WAVES at this moment carries a significant risk due to its steep decline.

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