What Is the Bitunix Derivatives Exchange?

Bitunix functions as a marketplace for both spot and derivative transactions, providing perpetual contract traders with a maximum leverage of 125 times on their selected assets.

Bitunix excels at facilitating transactions in the spot and derivative markets. We offer over 180 contract trading pairs with up to 125 times leverage, as well as more than 140 pairs for straightforward spot trading.

As a financial analyst, I can share that Bitunix, registered in Seychelles, provides trading services in more than 100 nations. Obtaining various operational licenses is a key aspect of their global reach. In specific countries like the United States, Canada, and the Philippines, they have secured licenses such as MSB (Money Services Business) and VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider), respectively.

Founded in 2021, Bitunix has experienced rapid expansion since its debut, with reportedly more than 600,000 traders joining the platform. The project boasts of generating over a billion dollars in daily trading volume and reaching its peak trading volume during the first quarter of 2024. This data underscores the increasing popularity of Bitunix among cryptocurrency traders.

To position itself as a top player in the crypto trading market, Bitunix is convinced that providing superior liquidity enhances users’ trading journeys.

Bitunix is a cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for transactions up to 500,000 USDT. Yet, to utilize Bitunix’s on-ramp service for purchasing crypto using credit cards, users must undergo KYC procedures.

Key Takeaways

    Bitunix is a spot and derivatives trading platform for cryptocurrency traders. It offers trading services for over 200 crypto assets and to investors in over 100 countries worldwide.
    Bitunix offers up 125X leverage for derivatives traders and boasts high liquidity and a tight spread. It also presents an intuitive user interface and claims to offer low trading fees as part of its goal to become a leading figure in the crypto derivatives trading market.
    Assets tradable on the Bitunix exchange include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, BNB, and several other crypto assets.

Although an abundance of cryptocurrency spot markets and derivatives exchanges exist, traders continue to look for superior trading terms. For derivatives traders in particular, the extent of available leverage plays a pivotal role in their decision-making process as they strive to maximize profits from successful trades.

Trading platforms like Bitunix are vigorously working to address these challenges and create an optimal trading experience for users. Since its debut, Bitunix has demonstrated tenacity in achieving its goals and carving out a strong presence within the crypto derivatives and spot markets competition.

We take a closer look at the crypto exchange and what it offers;

Bitunix: A Spot and Derivatives Trading Platform

Using Bitunix, traders can amplify their earnings potential up to 125 times for each tradable asset in the perpetual futures market. This benefit proves particularly advantageous for derivatives traders, as it increases the ceiling on profits from successful trades.

Bitunix takes pride in utilizing top-tier technologies for creating the algorithms behind its platforms. Specifically, this refers to its price feed system and liquidation protocol. The primary goal of these systems is to guarantee both financial stability and seamless operation for the platform by maintaining a high level of accuracy and precision. Furthermore, Bitunix goes the extra mile in enhancing the trading experience for its users through various additional efforts.

One advantage of using Bitunix for trading is its effective liquidity features. In the fast-paced world of spot and derivatives markets, traders may need to expand their tolerance for price discrepancies during transactions. This adjustment becomes necessary when dealing with platforms that offer limited liquidity. When market conditions are less fluid, the difference between bidding and asking prices can grow substantially, resulting in a larger bid-ask spread.

Bitunix asserts that it collects liquidity from a diverse network of market makers, individual investors, and institutional participants, resulting in a robust trading platform. Combining resources from various entities, Bitunix provides users with economical trading experiences by featuring tight spreads. This means the difference between the bid (the price at which buyers are willing to purchase) and ask (the price at which sellers are prepared to sell) prices is minimal. Moreover, it enables traders to seize optimal entry and exit points in their transactions. Boasting over 600,000 confirmed users, the exchange’s order book is brimming with orders placed by numerous traders seeking trades at minimal price disparities, enhancing overall liquidity within the platform.

Bitunix asserts that it operates a market monitoring system to prevent fraudulent activities and manipulations on its exchange. Employing stringent market surveillance procedures and sophisticated risk management tools, Bitunix ensures a balanced and orderly trading atmosphere. This alignment with increasing user trust and faith in the platform’s liquidity patterns is a positive development.

Features of Bitunix Exchange

Now, let’s look at other key features of Bitunix.

Deposit Through Various Blockchains

Bitunix accommodates various blockchain networks, allowing users to deposit funds through their preferred network. This multi-network capability enables Bitunix to connect with diverse blockchain communities and streamline the deposit process for investors in each community. Users can make deposits using Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, Cardano, and other supported networks.

Spot and Futures Trading

On Bitunix, our specialty lies in facilitating the exchange of crypto assets. You have the flexibility to execute either direct orders or set limit orders through our user-friendly spot trading platform. With approximately 140 distinct crypto assets up for grabs on the spot market, you’ll find ample opportunities for investment. For more advanced traders, Bitunix offers a perpetual futures market boasting over 180 markets, encompassing both crypto and stablecoin pairings. You can amplify your trades with leverage of up to 125 times the initial amount, or even begin trading listed assets for as minimal an investment as $10.

Tiered VIP Rate System and Referrals

BitUNIX employs a hierarchical structure for its trader community, with the VIP program serving as the classification system. This system takes into account two key factors: a user’s trading activity over the past 30 days or the value of their assets within the platform. As users ascend through the ranks, they are rewarded with reduced trading fees.

As a researcher studying the features of Bitunix, I can tell you that this platform provides an incentive for users who expand its community by inviting friends. Once these referred individuals sign up and commence trading, the original user stands to gain up to a 40% reduction on their transaction fees as a reward.

Customer Support

Bitunix users have several options for reaching out to our customer support team. On our support page, you’ll find answers to common queries regarding deposits and withdrawals, as well as information about spot and futures trading. Furthermore, a chatbot is at your disposal, allowing you to ask questions about any challenges you encounter on the platform. This feature ensures that you receive assistance from a live customer officer within 60 seconds.

Community Building

Each week, Bitunix hosts live educational sessions on Telegram, welcoming traders of all levels, from experienced pros to newcomers, to join and engage in discussions. Additionally, Bitunix regularly holds AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on Twitter, providing insights and updates about the Web3 domain to their dedicated followers.

Ready to start using the Bitunix exchange? Here’s a user-friendly guide.

Trading on Bitunix

What Is the Bitunix Derivatives Exchange?

On Bitunix, a voluntary KYC platform, your first step secures your eligibility to initiate transactions. To get started with registration:

  1. Visit the Bitunix platform
  2. Click Sign up on the homepage to begin your registration
  3. Enter your details. (You can use your email address or your mobile phone number for your registration)
  4. Click Sign Up to continue
  5. Verify your email address using the code sent to your mail to complete your registration.
  6. You can now deposit crypto on the platform to start trading.

How to Trade Futures on Bitunix

To trade perpetual futures contracts on Bitunix:

  1. Click Markets from the menu to navigate to the pair catalog
  2. Click Trade on the pair you wish to trade
  3. Set your order price and enter the amount you wish to trade in the quantity box
  4. Click on the leverage selector in the top right corner.
  5. Slide the selector to your desired leverage level.
  6. Click your position (short or long) and click Confirm.
  7. Click Confirm from the pop-up to complete.

You can manage your position from the order tab.

Spot Trading on Bitunix

What Is the Bitunix Derivatives Exchange?

To trade crypto assets on the spot market;

  1. Click Markets from the top menu and navigate to the spot trade market.
  2. Click Trade on your desired asset pair
    You can trade using the limit order (set your buy or sale price) or the market order (buy or sell at the presiding market price)
  3. Set your trading parameters and click Buy or Sell to complete.

Trading Fees on Bitunix

At Bitunix, the fee for executing a spot trade reaches a max of 0.1%, with a lower rate of 0.08% for those who initiate the trade (Makers), and a standard fee of 0.1% for those who complete the trade by accepting an offer (Takers). For futures trading, the maximum fee amounts to 0.06%, with Maker fees set at 0.02% and Taker fees at 0.06%.

As a researcher studying the fee structure of Bitunix exchange, I’ve discovered that trading fees vary depending on the tier. For instance, users in the VIP tier 7 category pay a maximum fee of 0.0325% on their trade volume for spot markets and only 0.03% for futures markets. The eligibility for this tier depends on either the cumulative trading volume over the last 30 days in both spot and futures markets or the balance of USDT held by the user. For a more comprehensive understanding, I recommend checking out the detailed breakdown of trading fees and VIP tiers available on the Bitunix exchange website.

As a crypto investor, I’ve come to realize that fees aren’t exclusive to fiat transactions alone. When it comes to withdrawing my digital assets, there may be associated costs that vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency and the network being utilized for the withdrawal. To find out exactly how much I’d be charged for each asset, I can refer to this handy resource which outlines the applicable fees for every token.


As a crypto investor, I find Bitunix to be an ideal platform for me to prosper in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. With its affordable trading fees and around-the-clock customer support, it offers me both cost savings and peace of mind while using the platform.

As a new user joining Bitunix, you stand to benefit from enticing incentives. Upon signing up and making deposits within the initial 72 hours, you’re eligible for bonuses worth up to an impressive 5,000 USDT. Delighted to have you on board, Bitunix is committed to rewarding its users through regular promotional programs as we expand and grow. For more details about our welcoming deposit bonus scheme and futures trading incentives, please explore the information available on our platform.

As a careful and thorough analyst, I strongly advise conducting independent research on how a particular platform handles your funds and other essential features before using it. This article serves solely as informative content and should not be construed as financial or investment guidance.

Bitunix can be accessed as a mobile app on theApple App Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users. This convenience allows traders to transact business anytime, anywhere. Additionally, Bitunix provides round-the-clock automated assistance to its users.

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