Why does everyone want to get rich with Telegram Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a clicker game where players tap to earn coins and use them to buy cards that provide passive income in the form of virtual currencies. The game creators have provided boosters to help players accumulate coins faster, and there is a promise of listing the coin on exchanges in June with an airdrop for existing players. However, it’s important to note that the coins earned in the game have no real-world value and are not a guarantee of earning money.

Members of the cryptocurrency world are continuously pressing the button on the hamster wheel, with the aspiration to earn vast sums of money through this latest venture – Hamster Kombat. Anticipated experiences include intense competition among participants and potential financial rewards.

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What is Hamster Kombat?

In Hamster Kombat, a captivating Telegram game, users assume the role of nurturing a hamster into a thriving business tycoon by consistently clicking on a coin symbol. By purchasing unique cards with these clicks, players enhance their hamster’s company and aim for success. The creators of Hamster Kombat market this engaging experience as an educational simulator.

As a researcher studying the trends of online games, I’ve observed an intriguing pattern with one particular title. Although this game initially emerged in March, its significant surge in popularity didn’t occur until May. This sudden rise can be attributed to two primary factors: the launch of the project’s YouTube channel and heightened promotion among influencers and the gaming community.

What’s unique about Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Combat has rapidly gained a massive following. This free and user-friendly game welcomes even those uninitiated into the realm of trading and cryptocurrency to experience the thrill of generating wealth from seemingly nothing. The allure of earning money with just a click has led to an astonishing milestone: over 100 million players joined by early June.

Dear Beloved Hamster Community, �✨

— Hamster Kombat (@hamster_kombat) June 5, 2024

As a researcher studying the dynamics of online gaming communities, I’ve discovered that the experience of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and aggressive advertising significantly influence the promotion of games. This phenomenon isn’t limited to professional bloggers but extends to ordinary users as well. They spread the word about games not just for the content or entertainment value, but also to reap rewards in the form of bonuses on their own accounts from referral links.

The creators of the game aim to provide players with the opportunity to make genuine earnings. They plan to add the HMSTR token to renowned exchanges and distribute coins as rewards to players’ wallets.

Trust in the project is built through collaboration with the TON system and Notcoin, whose team has previously delivered on their promises. They successfully launched a coin on exchanges and distributed tokens to players. However, the anonymity of the Hamster Kombat developers and their limited engagement with the public raises some concerns.

How to play

As a crypto investor, I’ve come across an intriguing game called Hamster Kombat. This interactive experience is accessed via the bot @hamster_kombat_bot. Typically, newcomers discover Hamster Kombat through referral links shared by friends or acquaintances to secure welcome bonuses.

A newcomer is awarded with a stash of 5,000 coins (or 25,000 for those with Telegram Premium). These coins serve as valuable tokens that enable the user to acquire exclusive cards; further details regarding these cards will be shared in due course.

Upon signing up, I, as the analyst, would like to clarify that instead of receiving a traditional welcome email, users will be given a virtual hamster CEO named HQ Hamster. At first, this hamster appears bald and thin, but rest assured, it will gradually gain more substance and fluffiness over time.

Why does everyone want to get rich with Telegram Hamster Kombat?

Initially, the only method to advance is by clicking on the coin. Yet, constant tapping isn’t an option due to rudimentary mechanics limiting the available energy from each click. Users can restore their energy for free up to six times daily, but are unable to do so more than once per hour.

The developers have introduced several options to enhance the process for users. Some of these options boost the amount of currency earned with each tap, while others improve the stamina bar. These upgrades can be acquired using the same coins during gameplay within the app.

As a researcher studying the intricacies of this digital platform, I’ve discovered that amassing sufficient coins in the Mine section enables users to acquire cards. These cards, irrelevant to their specific names, offer passive income – a continuous earnings stream from cryptocurrencies, IT, and business sectors.

Existing cards can be enhanced for increased passive earnings. In order to obtain a new card, a user must either advance an existing card to a certain level or extend invitations to friends using the referral link.

Is it possible to make money on Hamster Kombat?

As an analyst, I must admit that the idea of earning significant sums of money through clicking in a game is intriguing, yet uncertain. The vast amounts of in-game currency, shimmering on our screens as potential earnings, remain detached from the realm of real money. It’s essential to remember that this digital wealth doesn’t translate directly into tangible financial gains.

The developers of the game have announced that the coin will become available on exchanges around June, and as a token of appreciation for early supporters, they will distribute cryptocurrency through an airdrop. An airdrop is a common occurrence in the crypto sphere, where tokens are distributed to various wallets at the launch of a new digital currency.

As an analyst, I’d like to clarify some misconceptions regarding our upcoming airdrop:


I’d like to address the confusion surrounding our airdrop criteria.

Contrary to some assumptions, the distribution of tokens will not be based on one’s coin balance.

Instead, it will depend on factors such as profit per hour and other activity parameters that we’ll disclose in due course.

So, I encourage everyone to focus on optimizing their activities accordingly.

Stay tuned for further updates!

— Hamster Kombat (@hamster_kombat) June 6, 2024

As a researcher studying user behavior in gaming communities, I’ve discovered that long-term players, those who have invested dozens of hours into the game, are rewarded with HMSTR, which is roughly equivalent to a few dollars. However, it’s essential to note that potential earnings can vary greatly, reaching several hundred or even thousands for some individuals. Yet, there’s no assurance or guarantee of such returns, even for those who dedicate extensive time and effort into the game.

Is everything so safe?

As a researcher, I find the game intriguing despite its seemingly harmless nature. However, there are several aspects about it that raise my suspicions. The most puzzling detail is the anonymous team behind its creation. All communications regarding the game are made in the persona of cartoon hamsters, and the promotional videos adopt a robotic voice.

The viral marketing campaign for the project has sparked some intrigue. In an attempt to capitalize on the fear of missing out (FOMO), the developers fueled anticipation among users, expanded their reach, and offered incentives for engaging in the game.

What users say

Interviews conducted by crypto.news with Hamster Kombat players revealed that their interest in the game was sparked by the Notcoin project. Initially uncertain about earning potential from these games, they gained clarity following the listing and subsequent surge of the NOT coin, realizing they could generate substantial income.

Now, it’s worthwhile to invest in intriguing endeavors as they offer: The effort required to engage with these projects isn’t substantial. In fact, the delightful interface and significance of a toy make devoting some time an enjoyable experience.

Hamster Kombat player

Users find the thrill of Hamster Kombat and the passive income earning potential to be its most appealing aspects.

As an analyst, I would put it this way: With a large number of participants in Hamster Kombat, it’s challenging for me to expect substantial profits.

Should users start playing Hamster Kombat, or is it too late?

As a crypto investor, I’ve come across the concept of a “clicker” before, and it wasn’t something new when the creators of NOT introduced it. In their game, users were rewarded with NOT tokens as they clicked to accumulate points in what was called Notcoin clicker. After the listing of NOT on exchanges, one real NOT coin was issued for every 1000 units of the game currency that had been earned through clicking.

The major advantage of Hamster Kombat and similar clicker games lies in their accessibility. For numerous individuals, these games serve as an introduction to the realm of cryptocurrencies and offer a chance to earn their initial income from digital assets. However, there is a potential downside: if a project fails to list its cryptocurrency on an exchange, valuable time may be wasted.

The future performance of the crypto asset remains uncertain. Meme coins tend to experience significant initial growth, only to eventually lose all value. Early investors are the ones who reap the financial benefits.

A higher number of coins held by a specific player signifies better performance. However, an abundance of coins within the community increases the likelihood of depreciation. At most, one hundred thousand taps on a hamster translate to a potential earning of only a few hundred dollars for the user.

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